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WOMEN OF THE SS  "In Charge"

Lets set the record straight on this information. For those weary ov facts or misinformed. I play all musick for THE WOMEN OF THE SS. There haz only been about 6-live
WOMEN OF THE SS haz existed from 1983-1996
In that time period there haz been a collection ov full C-60 cassette releases. A Vinyl LP, later made a Picture Disc. 3-7"vinyl singles, a VHS tape,CD and a DVD.
There are all sorts ov bootlegs and copies ov the cassettes.
I have current plans on releasing along with NIK FOG a digi-pak CD/DVD release.
This release will contain only vocal audio trax ov for the CD.
Most trax previously released but with some surprize unreleased material.
The DVD will contain the videos from the original VHS release along with backstage footage from Providence 1994.

WOMEN OF THE SS "Live @ The Middle East"  2/26/93 (Last Performance)

The Middle East show(2/26/93) surfaced from a fan video. Unfortunately the complete show iz about 16 minutes long.(thanx KAY TUE for design)
Also on the DVD release will be rare videos that are either hard to find or not uploaded to u-tube.

WOMEN OF THE SS -"Piano Time"
                           I waz going to put this 1990 track on a compilation that never happened.The video iz taken from the original "Naughty & Nice Nazis's" video aka "And Az I Waz" mixed with the intro "Next Time You Make Me Kum". I mixed theze two trax together. We had to stop the filming ov this video because one ov the Women waz hitting Me in the cock with the riding crop. It waz almost a situation. The film goez on just a bit more. You see one ov the Women with open legs & shirt...and the other two end up sucking on her nipples from both sides.(sorry its not on the official release..I'll see about the upkumming digi-pak) The Vocalist iz a Russian Jew. So, az you can see this iz not a political concept. Its a Fetish concept. If you see theze women... .Please do not bother them. They have moved on and do not want 'the drama'. Or will tolerate it. You were warned.

With the 3LP vinyl box-set that haz been in the planning seems to have been someones intent to fill their WOMEN OF THE SS collection.I do not have much belief in that being released soon. There are 2 official releases in production. One iz a limited edition DVD numbered & signed.
The other release will be a 2 Disc-set (1-CD,1-DVD) digi pak design.
The first video made for WOMEN OF THE SS waz "Trying to please the SS" 1990.
 There iz a longer version ov this video,the musick continues then tribal drums start a voodoo-like beat. Its about 8-9 minutes long. The original unedited video.
Az far az WOMEN OF THE SS goes, I made the musick, wrote the lyrics, designed the covers & labels with some help from ASHLEY SWANSON on the CD layout & design.
The VHS tape waz designed by Cindy. (who claims that the release waz not legal).
I have all the contracts. Signed by all.
I also understand why theze women now might have an issue with something they did az folly may now bother them.
I really do not want to go into that direction with this. I would rather provide you with info that might interest you.
I filmed all the videos. The only odd duck iz "Trying to please the SS" waz 2 BARBITCHUETTES that filled in for the video.
All other videos are CINDY, LARISSA, and KARRI
I waz really taken back from 2 videos I found posted on u-tube. They are az good production & editing wize az the 'official' videos. I post them here az a 'Thanx' for bringing the trax "SS PET" alive
I also took many different photographs ov WOMEN OF THE SS. ..some were only BARBITCHUETTES posing az SS women. The ones with white blouses . One ov them iz actually the blonde from the "Submit to Desire" LP cover and the official video also.
I think you are starting to see how this web ov people fill in the blanks where needed.
We all had at one time an altered respect for each other. That diminishes over the years az each one finds another path other than the one we found each other on.
I see them az magickal times. I have also have heard some bands much like the style ov WOMEN OF THE SS...I am happy about this. It reflects that something I waz doing waz eventually worth it.

WOMEN OF THE SS "I am Women of the SS"

SS (Private photo session) by John Zewizz 1989.

Az you can see the first WOMEN OF THE SS vinyl 7"EP waz from 1984. I'm pretty sure the 1st cassette waz earlier like 1983. 
I do have unreleased material. Mostly instrumental musick like the last cassettes with found vocals blended in instead ov a true female SS vocal such az Larissa.
There are still a few ov unreleased trax I will be either releasing or having someone upload to u-tube. There iz a video for "Piss Sofie Piss" (official) it waz up on VIMEO for a year, it waz deleted with the last channels flush ov 276 videos. Because My videos were "Sexually Too Stimulating". This iz on a 'nude network' ... I fought them and won. But am very careful not to shake the boat. There iz a PRIVATE : WOMEN OF THE SS Channel :

Other odd facts on WOMEN OF THE SS....there haz been 3 different vocalists. One Czech' girl (with full accent) Rachelle Royer -(first vocalist) then lastly a Russian vocalist. (none ov them German, but thats only the mirage). I wanted to have a female European voice-(German firstly) because ov the name. 
Az a 'fetish concept'...I think I hit the same nerve in Me that others also find enjoying.
WOMEN OF THE SS iz aggressive,dominant, and alpha by nature.
I made sure the lyrics and song titles reflected the idea ov that particular piece ov musick.
The fetish ov this burlesque musick iz strong dominant women uniform.
The more deadly the uniform, the stronger the female.
The speaking ov overly sexual stories laced with dark electronic waves and drones complete my concept ov

WOMEN OF THE SS ~   Update 10/10/16

       In production iz a double disc set. Containing an audio CD and a video DVD.  The material iz from 1995-1993
Most will ask about the material being unreleased or pre released material. It will be packaged az a "Digi-Pak". A gate-fold Cover with inside packaging. Limited Edition.   MATERIAL :
The audio CD:                                      

(1985)                                                                                                           The Video DVD:    
1.....Iron Skirt Introduction                                                                       (1989)
3.....Feeling ov purity                                                                               3)....PISS-(Water-Sports)
4.....Baited by a black slip                                                                       4)....SS Room ov Secrets
5.....Piss Sophie Piss                                                                                  5)....Piss Sophie Piss
6.....What a proper young lady                                                                 (1992)    
7.....Leather Thighs                                                                                   6)...Sherah & Zarbow  
8.....Unless She Can Kum                                                                         7)....Women of the SS~Video Stats by A.Nitrate
9.....Verboten Voice                                                                                   8)....Erotick Fantastick-(Soundtrack intro)
10....Az Kiss a Woman                                                                             8)....John Zewizz Introduces hiz Women of the SS 
11....Masturbation Waltz                                                                        9)....John Zewizz on Women of the SS (interview)
12....Orgasm                                                                                             10)....Women of the SS-(Trailer for NAUGHTY 
13....Beethoven SS #3                                                                                         &  NICE NAZIS) 1990
14....And Az I Waz                                                                                   11)....(Unreleased material/ consideration)
15....She iz so Different                                                                           12)....SS Live & Backstage-(Club Babyhead-
16....SS Vril Experiment                                                                                        RI. 1995)  TV Broadcast .
17....SS Pet        
18....I Am Woman of the SS                                                                                      
19....Tied to the Wall                          
20....Room of Secrets                             
22....Next Time You Make Me Kum     
23....SS Bitch                               24....SS Orgy                                  
25....Sherah & Zarbow                       
26....Erotick~Fantastick-(Sndk intro)*                                                 

 (1994)                                            27....SS Sex Kitten                                  28....SS Will to Rules

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