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SLEEPCHAMBER~ Discography:(complete)

By James Stein / Spike Devitt 
VALUES by John Zewizz, Spike Devitt, Paul LaVolte

The concept for a complete SLEEPCHAMBER discography including values has been in the planning for over 10 years now. It has gone to
the lay-out stages and changed more than a few times. Finally it has all come together in a design that everyone here at INNER-X is happy with. Since SLEEPCHAMBER has such a vast amount of releases since 1982 with the flow of products going from prolific to years without any releases at all. One thing is for sure. SLEEPCHAMBER is and has always been unpredictable. With constant band changes, evictions from social sites-(facebook) to banishing from music networks-(u-tube & VIMEO) its a wonder SLEEPCHAMBER manages to promote any of their product at all. (VIMEO has returned THE SLEEPCHAMBER VIDEO DEN minus 276 videos in the statement that SLEEPCHAMBER videos were "Sexually too Stimulating"). LINK:

Most ov the problems being some kind of soft core nudity.  Its never been a case of shock. Zewizz has constantly made the convincing case that the concept of SLEEPCHAMBER has always been eroticism. From the lyrics to the covers of each release this point is made. If that is not clear enough then listen to the music. SLEEPCHAMBER has never come off as a band looking to make the next big hit. If anything SLEEPCHAMBER seems to wallow in their own obscurity. And obscurity does not pay the bills. You have to give them credit. This has to be a labor-of-love at some point. If not then a very demanding hobby. In an admirable way. 

From the collections of everyone at INNER-X and owning most of the
stats on the releases we felt that we were able to consciously and fairly declare a value to these releases. Understanding that some would pay more and some would pay less then the value listed. (Which is for a Mint quality condition). There was no room for condition grading instead there is additional info and side notes. The valued price given is for you to have a general guideline. INNER-X was the major manufacturer in most of the releases. Along with FUNFUNDIVERZIG in Germany. Which was the next main manufacturer of SLEEPCHAMBER releases. After that there is a few independent labels that we had contracts with for releases.  I'm very sure you will find these price values helpful. No matter what you see for a selling price there is also auction prices. Our goal is to list a value for the product and not a Sale price. And the difference between what a music shop will sell for and what a collector is willing to pay. We have gone over all of this for years and made notes for releases that were in demand and releases that were rare. Each one generating different values to collectors. We also have information on products that made it to the 'test pressing' stage and never were released. Other issues we had problems with were re:issues and counterfeit copies. We are well aware of this situation and have listed (where possible) the difference between original copies and differences. In the covers and the labels. These were changed every time a product was re:issued.     James Stein 

..............................................VINYL RELEASES.................................

LABEL / Release                      TITLE                                                 YEAR          VALUE

INNER-X   xxx-03     ....................Speak in Tongues (7"EP w/ps)........................1982...............$75.00
INNER-X   xxx-LP-3 .....................SLEEP CHAMBER (1st LP/300 made)..............1984...............$100.
INNER-X   xxx-LP-5 .....................Submit to Desire LP ......................................1985...............$80.00
INNER-X   xxx-LP-5 .....................Submit to Desire LP-(white label promo)........1985...............$100.
INNER-X   xxx-Sex-3 ....................Warm Leatherette / Fetish (remix) 7"45 w/ps 



If you have not noticed ...I have not been on My facebook page in a few weeks.
The reason being that the person in charge ov "watching" My page haz dug up a picture I posted months ago. The picture iz ov the SLEEP CHAMBER pic sleeve for the 1985 release "WARM LEATHERETTE". If you are a regular to My facebook page you know that I had a 2 week "Time-Out" just recently. I could not even View My page.  Well, being back a week I noticed that I waz "Blocked" yet again. After following their route ov instructions they showed Me the picture that waz against their "community standards".  I informed them that this pic waz posted some 8-9 months ago in a cluster ov other pictures. (it waz not the front photo/ you had to look for it in the photo collection).

Well, within 2 days after I submitted this info with a note ov 'protest' stating that I had not posted anything 'controversial' or anything that could be considered 'controversial' since My last "Time Out' period.
The 2nd photo they dug up waz a photo from the inside ov the SLEEP CHAMBER "Sleeping Sickness" CD booklet.  Now, My problem being that I feel that this waz done out ov spite.  That week I posted a video SLEEPCHAMBER~"Red Panties" (Live 93) with a statement : CONTAINS NO NUDITY OR SEX. HISTORICKAL DOKUMENTATION THAT FALLS IN LINE WITH FB COMMUNITY STANDARDS.  It waz no less than 2 days when I got My notice that I had a new "Time-Out" ov 30 days for the posting. This waz obviously a reaction to posting the "RED PANTIES" video with My statement they took az a wize-guy action. I posted this statement to protect myself from facebooks 'time-out' reaction. If you go to My fb page you will see that the VIDEO may be controversial in some circles. But in no means warrants a 30 day off period-(az they know)- So, they went Looking for something in My photo collection to issue Me My "Time-Out".  You will also notice if you visit My fb page that people have been posting PORN to My page. I don't remove it. It sits on My page for weeks. And iz not removed unless I 'comment'.."IF I POSTED THIS I WOULD GET TIME-OUT FOR IT" iz then removed.  Now, I ask you are they 'watching' My page ?..Waiting for Me to post something against their 'community standards' ?

 And if I have not...they go searching back Years to find something ov a 'prize' to them. Giving them a reason to punish Me in a blatantly spiteful way. Yes, I did notify them that the 'posts' were from long ago and I have not posted Anything since My last "Time-Out"...matters not to facebook. You know its their network and they are going to win the argument hands down. Make no mistake, I do not post pictures intentionally that are offensive or objectionable. My intention iz to share with My followers SLEEP CHAMBER products that are a historical documentation ov items that are important to the history ov SLEEPCHAMBER.  I do understand fb standards. How hard would it be for facebook to be pleasant about this situation ?. But to go looking for something to bring an offence against Me ? . I did My time off fb. (learned My lesson) ...but they just wanted to respond to My posting ov the "RED PANTIES" video and My statement ov it being under the standards they request.
"Social Media"sites such az facebook and others are for people to post opinions,artwork,etc.  But when handed out punishment such az time off for posting something 'they' do not care for or agree with takes all the enjoyment out ov what theze sites are designed for. Its like having your parents looking over your shoulder when you are notified by fb that you posted something against their 'community standards'.
Now, most ov My 'friends' on facebook know that SLEEPCHAMBER haz some items that may be considered controversial. They know what they can expect from SLEEPCHAMBER. Its not like anyone haz filed a complaint. They rarely do. That's why I have a facebook watcher in charge ov keeping an eye on My page...most people DON'T CARE. If they did..they would complain. So, I ask you...What iz the point ov all this if the only ones that care are the ones who's job it iz to 'watch' someones page az their responsibility ?  This action encourages censorship on a social level. Most are just proud ov their work and want to share it. Theze actions also discourage people from posting their photo's, artwork and etc.
There are people I know and have met people that absolutely HATE facebook. I mean really HATE facebook. And its not even from their 'community standard' practices. They just do not like the relationship ov facebook having the right to use and copy any ov your posts to use az their own. Without notifying you or compensating you for your post. How police and other agencies use facebook to obtain information on YOU. I know this for a fact. When I waz assaulted in 2014 the police went right to facebook to find out information on the 2 assailants. They did this behind closed doors. They later told Me to look for them on facebook and I would be surprised. Low & behold...there they were. Az the police had said. 
In an open society 'Social Media' should be a place where you do not have to worry about punishment for documenting your art work, pictures you took, or freedom to express your opinion. The direction facebook iz going it will not be long before it goes the way ov other social networks like MY SPACE and others. Overly strict rules and spiteful tactics drive away Individuals like 'Me' who maintain over 5000 friends. That all contribute to facebooks stats and popularity. If people do not like what you offer...they go elsewhere. While I'm at it..let Me mention ELLO...(the alternative to facebook)..who claim to be "Nude Friendly"...Blocked Me for no reason from posting the exact same day az facebook Blocked Me. Funny huh ? ..Not really. This only means that theze networks are connected in some way. Like on NETFLIX & HULU...I first noticed that My photo waz gone on theze sites when visiting them. This iz how I knew there waz something wrong with facebook. My facebook profile picture waz missing from theze 2 viewing sites. I still had access to viewing. But what connection iz there when they use your facebook profile picture and it iz removed when there iz 'trouble' on facebook ? Why does facebook block your picture from NETFLIX & HULU when you have offended their community standards ? Are the sharing information on you ? Or iz it just nothing ? 
 "I'm Not Part ov the Herd" ...   

Sorry, I'm not part ov the 'herd' a true Individual I expect reactions from conformity. I take My rejection proudly. For without rejection and acceptance from the norm I would be part ov the masses.
I wallow in the non acceptance ov those rule selfishly with their own agenda az paramount . I pity not those who run with the herd. Individuality cost you everything. You stand outside and alone. You obtain your strength from fighting the establishment and those who pay loyalty to their cause and effect .
Frustration ?..sure. But frustration iz not caused by being an Individual. Everyone iz blessed with frustration. Individuality iz what the masses are currently searching for blindly. They think if they label themselves with a type or preference that they are special or are some sort ov half-ass Individual. Then they demand society excepts them. Individuality needs no acceptance from the establishment or from society what so ever.
The pleasure ov being an Individual iz knowing you got the complete herd at your back all the time. Know that strength ov character kums from the experience's ov the battles you have fought. Those battles never stop. Time kums and goes. You have to establish yourself in time. Make it matter !!
And remember our German friend who said 'What Doez Not Kill Me...Makes Me Stronger". Who are the Supermen ? The Individuals who stand alone and are ready to fight for their type ov life and what it means to them in this very short existence. Stand now or fall forever. Take control ov your own soul.
Things could be worse and things could be better. Understand the elements ov sacrifice. Fight for the right ov your instinctive might. I penned the name THE ULTIMATE MINORITY in 1987 because I waz experiencing the battle ov Individuality and what it costs to to remain a true Individual. JZ 



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"Missing from Wikipedia"..SLEEP CHAMBER


 Where do I start...?  There iz nothing quite az frustrating az reading 'info' or a BIO on you thats missing all the Fun Stuff.   All the information that you really want to know.  Well, this iz from the beginning: Even though WIKAPEDIA only takes information that iz not "self published" ...I welkum you to the dokuments that are offered in ways ov "Official" dokuments.."Rejection from Ville Platte Record Mfg" to make anymore SLEEP CHAMBER vinyl releases. 
Federal forms on 'Sized SLEEP CHAMBER material" and other Official Dokuments that are NOT self Published.  Well.....Enclosed here. 
SLEEP CHAMBER started in 1980. In 1982 the first 7"vinyl EP titled  "Speak in Tongues"..then I realized I needed some pro musicians to accomplish what I wanted to with the dynamic in the direction ov SLEEP CHAMBER musick.  I remember putting what musicians I could together to build 'My Concept' ov just what SLEEP CHAMBER waz to be.   I borrowed a few musicians from a friends band THE PRODUCT.  In return I produced and released a 7' single by them. This waz shortly after I rekorded the DREAM DISTILLATE track and cassette. 
SLEEPCHAMBER did our first show on Oct.31st (Halloween) 1982. It waz at a loft space. It waz called THE RED LOFT-(from the Band that lived there). 
SLEEP CHAMBER  waz EUGENE DIFRANCISCO, PHIL BROSSEAU and Myself.  It waz a real Crazy show...the loft waz packed..steamy, hot and dirty. There waz about 300+ people. There waz no set line-up to who when on first. We ended up last. It waz after 2am in the morning. The audience by then waz all hard-core party people.  We had a few practices or rehearsals..but this waz our first live performance.

  I made sure that our Sound man had the Sub-bass sonic and very low.  The kick drum and toms were shaking the walls. What songs did we do..??  It waz our early period and most songs were instrumentals. I had not yet acquired my song writing style. Even though we were all wasted... it waz not hard to have a  heavy affect on the audience. Our style waz new. Most people never heard ov "Industrial Music" we had a chance to make our intention clear. I also made sure that the incense waz extra strong.(Frankincense & Wormwood).. along with a fog machine..which assisted  to create quite the experience for many lost audience members.. some who smelled the frankincense associated it with church or Sunday Mass  and assumed that we were 'devil worshipers' ...and this waz a Black Mass....some were staring, some were dancing...and some were uncertain ov the strange intentional atmosphere.. which absorbed it all.
There waz always a constant changing ov members in SLEEPCHAMBER for all different reasons. Some returned.
Some did not. And one thing...If You were never welkumed back to SLEEP CHAMBER. (Right pic. RICHARD GELLER / THE RAT-Boston 1985)

One ov the most important line-ups waz for the first vinyl LP release (titled SLEEPCHAMBER) . Members included MALCOLM SMITH, RICH GELLER, DARLINE VICTOR and Myself. It waz all rekorded on a 4-track. There waz only 300 made. The mastering levels were very low. I did not want to reissue it or make anymore.
I met MALCOLM SMITH in Cambridge. He had a band with hiz girlfriend called DOKUMENT PROJEKT.  It waz more 'Industrial' than SLEEPCHAMBER waz. Me and MALCOLM became friends instantly. We both had the same interests in musick and wanted to change the musick scene (which waz Punk & New Wave) for our own versions ov  musick. We were both sick ov the 'arena rock' too. And the 'new wave' pussy style ov acceptable musick waz unacceptable to us.
 MALCOLM had a photographic memory..ov which it waz unclear to me just what he could do. He could remember how much change I left on my table..He could recite any page out ov an ALEISTER CROWLEY book...he really had unbelievable recall ...only problem waz that hiz ego waz so large that he believed anything I said that uplifted hiz pride. There were many times where jokes went too far..but I could not resist tempting hiz ego with even more outrageous stories that included him az the alpha male.  I remember at a party..I told him that this goth chick waz checking him out every time he looked away. I told him.."She can't take her eyes off ov you.."  Malcolm marched over to her and recited "You can't take your eyes off ov me can you..?"..She replied "What are you some kind ov nut ?"...this waz constant. I could never resist a chance to pump hiz ego.
  Malcolm waz great when it came to the KORK synthesizers ..He owned an MS-20 and an MS-50.  Theze were the best noise style synths. We went back and forth for a year or two playing with each others band live. We also played on each others releases. I waz building INNER-X-MUSICK at the time. I reissued hiz DOKUMENT cassette on INNER-X-MUSICK.  Hiz release ov the first version (fingerprints only cover) waz 25 copies. Malcolm did all the percussion on the first SLEEP CHAMBER LP.   Darline Victor played bass and Rich Geller played guitar.   Playing live there waz more ov a demand for SLEEP CHAMBER . So I had DOKUMENT open for us.
 Malcolm wanted to break away from hiz early style ov Industrial so he did a few performances az a solo under the name "MASSMAN".  There iz a track on the vinyl LP release "DRASTIC PERVERSIONS". 
 Eventually Malcolm wanted full time in SLEEPCHAMBER.  We did a few TV appearances (one with no monitors) on INSTANT ACCESS TV...and could always get a gig at THE RAT in Kenmore square-Boston. I waz the only one conscious ov where I wanted this to go. I found myself in charge most ov the time even though I dreaded it.SLEEP CHAMBER waz always 'My Band'.
Darline Victor waz now working on drum programs. I noticed that her drum programs were bass lines programmed into the drum machine. This waz going to change the SLEEP CHAMBER sound even more.
Magickly SLEEP CHAMBER waz headed for the abyss az far az what waz really going on. Both Malcolm and myself were adepts at best . We were practicing SexMagick constantly when we first discovered it. It seemed there waz always something going on. A show, a party, or a bar. We both evoked SexMagick to obtain women every chance we got..
It waz not difficult waz egotistical ..I have to give GENESIS P-ORRIDGE some credit. When he visited Mass College ov Art in 1984 to do a performance called "Tape Deconstruction"
. Both Genesis and John Gosling were staying at 23 Stilling Street.  A place we knew well. A Loft ov college groupies that were in charge ov the 'Art Department'. I had discovered some ov my nude models there along with some other surprises that helped build the SLEEP CHAMBER name and reputation. When PTV stayed in Boston we started to spend time together (Me & Genesis).

I had a car. This changed everything. Since no one at 23-Stilling st. did.
They introduced me to Genesis ..and only because they knew no "kool" people..I waz told by them. I had a few letters go back and forth from Me to TOPY but that waz it.
 I had a female side-kick with me ROCHELLE. ..she waz a small muscle bound nymph. in ever way. We were constantly experimenting with Sexmagick . Rochelle az my Scarlet Woman.  She got along great with Genesis. We all watched the PTV show ... "Tape Deconstruction". It waz great..such a sensory overload that I almost left..not from the videos..from the sonic bass and volume. It waz affecting everyone. The Boston Globe had a review that next day stating that the performance  left them feeling that they "wanted to contact Amnesty International"...
Then DIAMANDA GALAS arrived to play Mass College ov Art.
Since Genesis and me were already hanging around..then Diamanda  joined in spending time together.. This turned into a big distraction for everyone.   Me and Genesis Just imagine the hierarchy  here.. with this line up ov individuals. Genesis iz not really a 'druggy' type ov person. Yet Diamanda waz...and Me ? that time I waz free to go either way with drugs. Some I did..some I had not got to yet (being honest). It waz not a dominant part ov my life here. Not 'hard drugs' anyway. I waz not even a pot head. Just an experimenter with everything.
Somehow Diamanda had some Prozac~(anti-depressant)-(Fluoride)...and asked me and Gen if we wanted to 'do some ?'...we both rejected the idea. It waz obvious that our energies were not going to be the same.Plus PROZAC iz not a drug you can really get 'high' on. I remember that Diamanda always ended up her sentence's with "do you know what I mean ?"...Gen picked up on it and started to reply.."no Diamanda..I don't know what you mean" every time she ended a sentence with it... funny for awhile.
 DIAMANDA did her performance. It waz really mind capturing . Witch-like screaming much like a banshee. With 12-15 microphones clustered together going through multi-processing and racks ov effects. She waz really animated and dominating.  Diamanda did live up to her rekordings. If you have ever listened to her musick on disc. She totally lived up to her concept and sound. Diamanda deserves her place in alternative and non commercial musick. I really expected it. It waz not a surprize when she captured her audience. She iz one-ov-us.
The people at 23 Stilling st were filming PTV getting hair-cults, and shit like that...I took a few pix and invited Gen to visit with Me and Malcolm for a night. We tried to do an Interview at Malcolm's house. Gen, Me, Rachelle, Jessie Last and Malcolm. But Malcolm waz so excited to meet and hang out with Gen that it just turned out to be all ov us drinking down Red wine and laughing. Stories ov "Second Annual Report" and the band "Whitehouse". We made some plans to start T.O.P.Y. in the USA  It waz going to be up to Me and Malcolm to represent the concept.   The Interview turned out to be a night ov fun and Malcolm going through the THROBBING GRISTLE catalog asking Gen about everything. We ended up going to sleep at 5am.  There waz an appointment with MASS ART at noon.
Now that I seen it mentioned on a Live DOKUMENT show on u-tube commenting that Malcolm could pass for Gen's older brother. Having the same black rings under hiz eyes I had to laugh. 

Me and Malcolm had both joined TOPY in 1984 and were experimenting with Sexmagick . The Temple ov Psychic Youth waz deeply involved in many areas ov Sexmagick and other directions ov Magick  we were also investigating at the time. Plans to set-up a USA T.O.P.Y. were discussed but the PTV Shows were the dominate. So we got along great at the time. Malcolm seemed a bit much for Genesis at times. Overwhelming him throughout hiz visit. I had to remember that Malcolm waz a big admirer ov TG since its beginning. He waz meeting hiz 'Hero' I guess.

  Malcolm waz a TG fan from the beginning. Maybe worse..a fanatic would be a better term. There waz many communications between us and T.O.P.Y. for a few years. They seem to dwindle off after awhile. I released a PTV Interview on WZBC radio with an Interview booklet ov PTV & T.O.P.Y. philosophy .
A cassette contained us on WZBC radio. Where Gen & John played tape clips ov JIM JONES laughing in a tape loop sounding just like a cackling jackal.  Amusing anyway.
The rest ov the 80's were filled with the study ov different techniques ov  Sexmagick. For Malcolm and me anyway. The rest ov the band waz less than interested. But sill stayed loyal to SLEEP CHAMBER it's  intentional code. Even if a band member waz not into the same Philosophy or conceptual ideas they stayed firm in the ranks. Rarely, if ever were there any flux or non acceptance toward a direction or an interest in any divination. When it came toward current SLEEP CHAMBER philosophy it waz a total Goats Head Soup.  The Energies ov an Alchemist ,a couple ov Sex-magicians ,a insane philosopher and a Jazz musician pretty much waz the common thread within the SLEEP CHAMBER lay-out.
And again...with this Line-Up...I knew it waz getting ready to blow.. The individual members were very strong Willed and were growing at the time. . The direction ov SC waz with-out question always up to Me. Arguments on stage were mostly about 'volume'. And continuously  about the volume ov the Guitar. (No matter who) ~the Synth/keyboard person waz always complaining that He/She could not hear through the monitors. The guitarist always played through an Amp.  So hiz volume waz right there. And much louder than the monitors. So I knew this situation waz not going away. Az with any band...we worked out the stage acoustics eventually. It will always kum up with each new Line-up. Az every Line-Up iz failed to last. Some things just happen all the time. And by now I'm use to anything happening. Well, Lets say I do not doubt too much from past experiences...One thing for sure, Nothing iz forever..After Gen returned from Chicago we hung out for awhile before he went back to England. Gen asked Me a one point to get the 4-track tape copy ov the PTV Show at Mass College ov Art. I had to act az a spy because the 2 (people) from Mass Art have plans on releasing the PTV Show by themselves. I heard this before I could write to Gen. So, I just went along with their plan on releasing the "Tape Deconstruction" (Live Show) on MASS ART label they were playing. I asked Gen about releasing the tape and he agreed that he would rather see Me release the cassette than MASS ART if it came down to getting back that fucking tape. Me and Malcolm played so many games at 23 Stillings st trying to get near that tape to grab it

. One plan that did not go well waz trying to fuck (the Girl) who waz one ov the couple who held the tape . I won't say who but I think she knew what waz going on. She would always have it playing in the Loft when I went over there. I told Gen that it waz impossible for any ov us to get at that tape. They talked so much shit about it...I assumed it waz going to kum in a 24 K gold box. Gen said 'fuck it...unless you can grab it", we spent a few months hanging around this couple. Till I just could not go over there anymore. She waz kumming onto Me and He waz kumming onto Malcolm. The tape waz never released. They never got to 1st base with it. Why the fuck did they just give us the tape ?? All this drama over a cassette. Yet you see that if there iz any kind ov power in things. People cant wait to covet it.  .  
By the end ov the 1980's everyone waz on the same level one way or another. The stress would be overwhelming if you stayed against the grain. I noticed each member grab their instrument then sit around waiting for some kind ov verbal dynamic or profiling to start off a conversation that never came. At reminded Me ov High School.
    SLEEP CHAMBER. The concept and our underground popularity waz getting interesting internationally. Az with all SLEEP CHAMBER popularity changes do happen constantly. I knew although Me and Malcolm were good friends he would eventually move on... When SLEEP CHAMBER waz not performing Me and Malcolm were terrorizing local Boston Bars. I remember Malcolm's first time taking Seconal waz at CHET'S LAST CALL. After a few beers Malcolm waz out ov hiz mind..He waz insisting that strangers buy him a beer each time he finished one.At one point he waz on the floor like 'Curly' ov the 3-Stooges...running around sideways. It waz a fun night ov fighting and eventually being asked to leave.... going home with a female for a one-night-stand seemed to be a regular practice. At times we were both in the same place with girls that were friends with each other. Sexuality waz at a peek here with Sexmagick. Most ov our Desires were based on Sex. Most all ov the Magick waz based on pointless sex with someone you dont even know.. Getting high and getting laid waz pretty much the agenda no matter where you were or what you were doing. Sexmagick waz making itself very clear. And no one waz paying attention. Somehow the females you were getting from Sexmagick were different than say a female you dont get from Sexmagick.. The personalities ov the Sexmagick women contained more drama. They were also harder to get away from. Like they were under a spell or something... 
Both ov us being 'skinheads' at the time...and Malcolm waz proud to be representing T.O.P.Y. in Boston and possibly the USA. Letters went back and forth for awhile. Eventually dripping to a stop.. I think that Sexmagick iz something you keep personal. T.O.P.Y. waz requesting things I could no longer provide. SLEEP CHAMBER had bekum a full time job. And I know Gen waz doing something with Dave Ball from Soft Cell.

SLEEP CHAMBER played a show at JOHNNY D's. in Allston. in 1985. It waz a 'biker-bar'..the crowd waz a bit rough. There waz always insurance in case ov theze situations. Along with back-up insurance.
To always have more than plenty ov strong incense and to make the last song so long that the audience waz overwhelmed and submissive. Volume and bass sonics waz a way to cause a sensory overload. With the TV screens and the volume at the same time the incense waz filling the club with smoke and burning like a fire. It waz like an experience more than a performance. Well, it worked at JOHNNY D's. The audience waz almost silent between songs. HUNTING LODGE opened for us and HOLY COW The last track waz "Weapons ov Magick"..we did a 14 minute version. In such a small club the response waz a Zombified audience. I remember saying to the audience at the ending ov the musick..."THANX FOR LETTING US HAVE SEX WITH YOU"   There were fights and the singer CHRIS MEANS ov HOLY COW almost lost hiz eye. With 23 stitches in hiz left  eye socketOv course this fueled  the rumors and only built SLEEP CHAMBER up more az a MUST SEE BAND..and without a band classification. Many venues would not book us because ov the rumors that eventually got more out ov control. The BOSTON PHOENIX would not  list us az a Boston Band in its '"Complete Section' ov Boston Bands to BOOK-( for years they never listed us).. It mattered not. We were getting less shows but I raised our performance cost. We were the highest payed band in Boston for years. Many bands resented us for this. It only made Me fight back even more. It waz War for anyone in SLEEP CHAMBER . And many members liked that. We had a different reason for playing shows now. We were having fights after shows because SLEEP CHAMBER waz getting paid more than say 3 other bands combined !! 

 Some, ov the fights were initiated by us. It waz never an issue. More ov a work-out before getting laid..
The Line-up waz also shifting.  MICHAEL MOYNIHAN had joined the band az a percussionist .At a show at the RAT he spray painted a Swastika backstage. This caused RICH GELLER (guitarist) to leave. This waz in 1985 after
(Malcolm Smith @ Johnny Ds 1985) ABOVE
                                                                        SLEEP CHAMBER~ "Submit to Desire" (The Rat-Boston 1985)                                                                  .
                                                                         (John Zewizz @The RAT-Boston)

the release ov the "SUBMIT TO DESIRE" LP and  Malcolm had  left SLEEP CHAMBER just before the rekording ov the SUBMIT album. Chris Means ov HOLY COW played guitar on the title track. Rich Geller played guitar for the rest ov the trax. Including "Warm Leatherette".a non LP track.
 I played all synths and keyboards.. Darline Victor played bass and programmed the drums for the whole album. Paul Arnold waz chief producer and engineer  for the release.Without Paul this release would not have been what it turned out to be. there iz nothing better than a Great engineer. Nothing.   (to the right/1st choice for "Submit" LP cover design) by john zewizz

The release waz really pushed by Darline I mentioned before she programmed the drums really like bass-lines. Thats why the drums sound  unusual..  Intentional. This iz what gives the rhythm ov this release such a different sound. We released the 1st trax az a 7"vinyl single "Warm Leatherette" / "Fetish" (remix) . I made sure that the planned picture sleeve related to the LP cover.. The model SVEA waz on the pic sleeve and the LP cover. She also appears in the Video "Submit to Desire". The single I only had 1000 numbered copies made. We got 14-16 'test pressings' . They do not contain a picture sleeve. Just the regular black XXX label.
"Submit To Desire" waz SLEEP CHAMBERS first big project that woke up many to the movement that waz invoked through a truly original and sexual Song attempt. Especially in the underground sex scene. This release waz a call to arms to all underground individuals to wallow in their individuality..their sexuality...and the awaking ov Sexmagick in musick. I had decided that sexuality would play a main role in all my musick here. I had thrown away all my inhibitions for a new outlook on life. The lyrics would always reflect sexuality clearly up front. Now  I waz  responsible for all my sexual statements and the movement ov SLEEP CHAMBER in the sexual underground and the regular musick scene.
 I had 2 Swedish blonde girlfriends do the video. We filmed at Arlington Cable TV.  Then I took the pictures for the album cover. I waz looking for a very strong sexual statement for this concept ov submission and glory in sexual freedom. Fronting the SUBMIT cover with an open lesbian image. That to this day people admit a certain attraction to the image. (to the right/ ORIGINAL Negative/by John Zewizz)  .

Michael Moyniham played a few shows and a TV Performance on Arlington Cable TV.  He played percussion on the B-side ov the "Submit" LP. Historically he iz included in the bootleg vinyl LPs "LIVE @ THE CHANNEL" 1985. 

Also on the bootleg vinyl LP  "Live at Palace Roads" 1986.
While in the studio rekording "Lizard Priest"   Michael waz forming a wedge with overnight member THOMAS THORN to the first and only mutiny in SLEEP CHAMBER. I never released that track. But it ended up on u-tube anyway. The only rekording with the 3 ov us playing on a track. After this things went astray...(Zewizz, Monhiham, Thorn).
From my past experiences I could see this problem beginning to expand into a personal change. Betrayal waz in the air.
I also had met JONATHAN BRILEY in 1986. He waz visiting my store to buy records. We became friends from our mutual  taste in electronic musick and 4-track rekording.
While in Newbury Sound Studio rekording 'BABES OV BABYLON" there waz a problem growing. Both MICHAEL MOYNIHAN and THOMAS THORN left SLEEP CHAMBER with the excuse that it waz the musick waz getting "too disco'...for them. They walked out after rekording "Babes ov Babylon"...sent me a letter from Michael's parents saying not to use hiz image or overnight member Thomas Thorn's image either. Funny I still have the dokument.
 (Michael Moynihan @ The Channel 1986) below.                                  
                                                                                                                                     Theze two guys assumed they would pick up Jonathan Briley for their project. And steal him from Me ?-aka SLEEP CHAMBER.  This would be a major conflict ahead for SLEEP CHAMBER.  They even went to the photographer that I had contracted to take pix for the cover and had their 'images' removed from the negative I paid for ..below iz one ov the 6 pix I received from the photographer too late to include on the BABYLON EP release. Both went onto other projects that I have yet to hear back from either. Their ill-mannered plan to snag Jonathan Briley from SLEEP CHAMBER failed and in great colors too.  
I would be a liar here if I left out the drama ov this story and said there waz no bullshit....!! There waz plenty. And the inner-conflicts were ready to show themselves...
Jonathan joined me in the studio to finish the "BABYLON" 12" vinyl EP.   I waz still working on the MBTA driving trains. I had an apartment in Cambridge. Which Tomas Thorn stayed at briefly. Between him and Michael they concocted a story to tell Jonathan Briley. (Basic drama..he said-she said) get him mad at Me.   I met the 3 ov them in Harvard square ready to fight.  This waz the serious side ov the Line-Up flexing its muscles.. I approached Jonathan...told him my plans on just what I waz ready to do.  Jonathan did not want to fight. Even though he would have beaten Me..he did not want to. I reminded him ov My fathers burial and how he stopped My mother from fainting during the 21 gun salute...I reminded him ov our bond... az  brothers.. (that waz made in blood)  and the immaturity between them. and over the whole situation.... It worked. Jonathan had chosen sides with SLEEP CHAMBER and Thomas & Michael were never to this day seen again...
It waz 1987 now. The SLEEP CHAMBER line-up waz JONATHAN BRILEY, LARRY VAN HORN and Me.  We started rekording right away. In those days I waz also rekording az HIDIOUS IN STRENGTH, WOMEN OF THE SS and other side  projects. SLEEP CHAMBER managed to rekord and release the classic "SEXMAGICK RITUAL" LP,   I also had released a reissue ov trax from the 1st LP along with some unreleased demos from the same time period.  Titled it  "SACRED & SURREAL". First released az a vinyl LP then a CD.
 The SEXMAGICK RITUAL release waz a collection ov trax from a mixture ov line-ups. Rekorded through-out 1985- 1986. We rekorded over 7 hours ov Musick for this release. About half  haz been released. Some material  found its way to the SIRKLE ZERO release in 1990.

I had introduced Jonathan to Larry Van Horn. They got along great. Both very intelligent when it came to Philosophy and electronic musick.
Only problem waz...they were not a 'Live' band. Well, not yet anyway.
I knew I had my work cut out for Me. It waz going on a year and SLEEP CHAMBER had not done any "Live' shows. We had done some FM Live Broadcasts on WZBC and,WBRS.  Larry had played a few shows in 1985 like the JOHNNY Ds shows (2) but Malcolm waz good at driving people out. Larry waz one such member that did not care for Malcolm. Yet he waz back with all hiz talent. Larry waz working on hiz project SEVEN FROM LIFE.  I joined him on the release "Kiss of the Spider Woman". I played the synth on the trax and Larry added all the other exotick instruments. My favorite release too. Jonathan waz also not fond ov Malcolm. Hiz energy contained too much kaos for the new line-up. Hiz leaving after serving SLEEP CHAMBER from 1984-1985 waz a relief by most members.  Yet way overdue. It waz only a matter ov time before it collapsed. Malcolm  also withdrew from T.O.P.Y. to bekum a true Tibetian Monk. So anything iz possible now.
Jonathan had kum to Me with hiz first cassette release DARKER PROFITS.
I released it instantly. I also requested Jonathan to rekord "Site ov Pain, Site ov Pleasure" az a SLEEP CHAMBER track. I knew that it waz a gem and it would fit in perfectly with the direction I wanted to go with SLEEP CHAMBER and the release ov SPELLBONDAGE. (it waz dark and powerful for 1987). Yet it reflected the same dynamics az "Submit to Desire" in many ways.

In the late 80's SLEEP CHAMBER waz slipping into issues ov 'Being Banned' from some venues for stunts we were pulling in Clubs. Not much past  being trouble makers. Which seem to turn into violence most ov the time. There waz also occasional CUSTOMS seized packages ov LP's. (Especially SPELLBONDAGE & SEXMAGICK RITUAL).
 I also did an Interview on WZBC to promote SPELLBONDAGE. I'll be the 1st one to admit I waz to blame for being BANNED from the radio station for 'drinking on air'...and whatever else they want to blame on Me. But nothing else to say about it. Here iz the Innterview that got all ov us BANNED:


 I released all the SEVEN FROM LIFE cassettes on INNER-X-MUSICK. They were always great. Now Larry waz working full time in SLEEP CHAMBER. I just had to find a way to get Jonathan to play out Live. He did a show in 1986 at PALACE ROADS. But between hiz job and hiz married waz difficult to book a show.. So there iz few Live performances from 1987.  We did a show at THE LIZARD LOUNGE in Boston in 1988. I waz very unhappy with it. SLEEP CHAMBER had not played out in so long...We were a mess. I thought about breaking up the line-up It waz a few months later. And 1989.. By now SLEEP CHAMBER had picked up TIONE on guitar and LAURA CHOPRLAS on sax. For the 'Live' shows.  Then I got a request to perform at GROUND ZERO. We had done a few shows there which included Eugene Difrancisco and they were always great. I also knew the owner.  I always made it a favor to him for SLEEP CHAMBER to play there. I waz going to decline but something said 'one more try'...I had all Alphas in the line-up (All Leos). Not including LARRY VAN HORN. He waz sitting this show  out. All members ov SLEEP CHAMBER were Leos !!    (Larry Van Horn/above)   

SLEEP CHAMBER~" Kiss the Whip" (Ground Zero 1989)  

                                                                                                                                                                     The Ground Zero Show waz rekorded on a Soundboard tape. The performance waz also video taped. I waz  happy with the sound and quality and released it az "SHARP SPIKES & SPURS" (1000 numbered LP copies made). There waz a VHS release and a cassette. They both contained the complete performance.
SPELLBONDAGE waz a very important LP by SLEEPCHAMBER. I had been through many band changes. Live and in the studio.I waz now working with Larry Van Horn and Jonathan Briley to do this release. Larry came up with the title for the release.. I loved it ov course. The concept ov the release waz much like the SUBMIT TO DESIRE LP. It contained a 'song' side and an 'instrumental' side. The B side waz material SLEEPCHAMBER waz working on at Newbury Sound in 1987. "Extreme Unktion" and "Vortex' being the more important trax. Jonathan Briley doez the vocals for "Vortex" and little know fact..Larry Van Horn wrote the Lyrics. I remember Jonathan picking up the lyrics and saying to Larry.."This iz great"..

   SPELLBONDAGE waz released months before SHARP SPIKES and SPURS live LP. They were both selling at the same time.
Working with this line-up waz much different than the beginning line-ups. With Jonathan and Larry they were more my age. Where the beginning line-ups were always younger than me. At the time it did not seem to matter. I waz just trying to keep a band together. Now looking back I see what differences there were and are. Younger members will do anything to support their band. Just try and get a 40-50 year old to do something shitty for the band. They just will not make the full commitment a younger member will make. 
Studio time for SPELLBONDAGE waz all done at Newbury Sound with PAUL ARNOLD az our chief engineer. Ov all the engineers I have worked with Paul Arnold waz the very best. He could put az much processing az I wanted az fast az I wanted it. Hiz Magickal touch iz all over the production ov the SPELLBONDAGE release.  Paul Arnold waz a 'professional engineer'.  Hiz past work waz with top-shelf artist. Mostly R&B people that included "Dimples",,"Brothers" and other major label acts that put SLEEP CHAMBER into quite the project for Paul.  Where before it waz : (all rules/ no games for Paul ) SLEEP CHAMBER waz a musickal experience in which Paul had yet to experiment with.. Hiz long hours ov hard work had yet to conceive  the types ov processing and producing he would eventually learn to master while experimenting at Newbury Sound with SLEEP CHAMBER.  A new style ov quad processing known az SOUND SUGGESTION waz being used on the complete SPELLBONDAGE release.  A psychological attempt to encourage the psyche to respond through sound EQ and 'ghosting' ov musickal sound within subliminal stereo Efx.    Paul stated that he had learned more techniques from mastering SLEEP CHAMBER at Newbury Sound than all other Chief  Engineer projects he had produced in 10 years.

When it came to Videos...(in 1987) I waz not making Videos for the 'Internet' which waz not invented yet.   So, all the VHS releases were more sexual than anything else...other than Magick.  It waz either one or the other.
 The "Site ov Pain" video waz "Frozen" and eventually  removed from a personal paying site run by WEBS.COM. They left the video fingernail up but when you played waz a car commercial...??? But that's a blog for another time....  SPELLBONDAGE waz looked at like doing SUBMIT TO DESIRE but correcting all the parts that I waz unhappy with.  SPELLBONDAGE waz also planned to be much darker right off the start.          
The first song we rekorded waz "Site ov Pain, Site ov Pleasure".  Jonathan Briley waz new to the Band line-up.  I had heard the first version ov this track that waz released on hiz "DARKER PROFITS" release.  I had to have it. It waz a classic SLEEP CHAMBER song waiting to happen. I knew that from Jonathan hanging out at the Record Shop (talking musick all day) that he waz more than eager to join SLEEP CHAMBER and be part ov a team.. I made him an offer he could not refuse. I told him he could join SLEEP CHAMBER if we could rekord a New, SLEEP CHAMBER version ov "Site Ov Pain" .  Az I evolved right into  thee perfect.....SLEEP CHAMBER song.  It waz not only perfect for the "Spellbondage" release. it waz az dark az I remembered.. I knew Jonathan's voice would be a 'destroyer' in the studio. And it waz the perfect Song too. The end ov Vol.#1 shows the raw power ov Briley's vocals @ Newbury Sound:

 SPELLBONDAGE Promo Clips- release: (1987)         
 SPELLBONDAGE Promo Clips #2: release: (1987)

The 2nd song rekorded waz : "Odoratus Sexualis"...I remember PAUL ARNOLD  saying.."The feminist are going to throw acid in you face for this John..."  SLEEP CHAMBER waz at a peek for being known az "Sexist" or for "Exploiting Women"..."sex sells'...etc.  I had at this point also understood what I waz saying with SLEEP CHAMBER musick. I had enough with females and their 'women's rights issues' ...that had little to do with My song writing and sexual expressionism. Most attacks were pointless bitching about 'bondage images' and nipples, I'm empowering women if anything. People just do not take the time to look. And this all mattered when I wrote "Kiss The Whip". The lyrics reflect a lot ov this time period being an Individual and being alone. 

SLEEPCHAMBER~ "Odoratus Sexualis" (official version)  Jonathan Briley-Synths   Larry Van Horn-Bass  Zewizz~Vocals.  Paul Arnold~(Oberheim DX drum machine)

     We used a German drum machine Oberheim DX.  It waz the real balls ov Drum machines ... for the SUBMIT TO DESIRE release we used a Linn-drum. It waz time to step-up to a more European sound. We then rekorded "Kiss the Whip" sounded quite different at the beginning ov the drum programs. Almost like a "CURE" style sound. Me & Paul
 mixed it for about 3 hours..finally it had that hand-clapping beat and a good drum kick. The lyrics I actually wrote in the studio. It took me about an hour. I could tell after the main Vocal track waz laid down that SLEEP CHAMBER had finally rekorded an anthem. This waz our "Ultimate Minority" call to individuals. I even included it in the lyrics to the song . To this day stands strong for just what the SLEEP CHAMBER concept iz. I made an early version ov the Video which iz broken up to 2 parts for some reason on u-tube. The 2nd Video I made for "Kiss The Whip" iz the 'official video' and iz available on VIMEO (unedited).
SLEEP CHAMBER~ "Kiss The Whip" (official unedited video)

 This version iz from the CD same az the LP version.

The last song we rekorded waz "The Nun-(Fetish Convent). I also wrote this in about 15 minutes in the studio. I usually do not write like this. But a time-slot had opened at Newbury Sound Studio,,,and if I wanted to get in there I had to go right at that moment. If I waz not working on the MBTA driving a train I would not be able to afford the $60. an hour rate. It sounds like a lot. A dollar a minute. But Newbury Sound waz the Best studio in Boston. SUE CHOPELAS stars in the Video ov "The Nun"..I remember Paul Arnold mixing it. I gave him full control ov 'the mix'. Paul iz so use to mixing R&B and Soul musick and he wanted to give us a commercial sound. I knew with the lyrics that the commercial mix would not drive fans away. The SPELLBONDAGE release iz designed after the SUBMIT TO DESIRE release on purpose. It waz a statement to the industry and the people who really hate SLEEP CHAMBER that we were only getting stronger...
                                                                SLEEP CHAMBER~ "The Nun~(Fetish Convent)

It took less than a month to sell-out ov all SHARP SPIKES & SPURS items. Even the T-shirt. SPELLBONDAGE waz also selling quite well. Already passing the sales ov SUBMIT TO DESIRE in less time. I waz happy again with SLEEP CHAMBER. When those 'highs are !..but when those highs are low..its enough to want to trash it all. Yet there iz too much to trash and I'm still alive.
Now with a full crew that waz ov pure SLEEP CHAMBER blood I waz ready to play anywhere. We did a few Boston shows (Axis & THE RAT).. till we were off for a TEXAS TOUR 1989  just a few cities. Houston, Dallas, Ft Worth, San Antonio and Austin.

Going to Texas waz a fantastick idea.(Thanx Jasper Burns). I knew that this certain line-up waz not to last. Too many cooks..and you never know when a Line-Up will end. Well, thats wrong, I think you know when some Line-ups will end.!. Yet I wanted to make the best ov it.  A new synth player had joined the ranks ov SLEEP CHAMBER. He waz from the Soviet Union.
ARTHUR WOZNIK. (Arthur PW). Even though this waz hiz first band he knew the drum programs that I liked.(Snakebite, El Topo'etc) And that waz hiz job.So be it. Planning for Texas waz going to be tough. None ov theze guys have ever played out ov Boston. 
SLEEP CHAMBER waz to do a few shows with The PAINTEENS ,visit 3 radio stations and then relax by the pool.

                                                                   SLEEP CHAMBER Texas Line-Up 1989   

                       (Tione-Guitar/ Jonathan Briley-percussion, vocals/ John Zewizz-vocals, percussion/ Arthur Woznik-synths, keyboards)

Right off the plane in Dallas we were being video taped. Yes..we seen where JFK got shot...there waz also a guy who spray painted the SLEEP CHAMBER double "E" logo on a club that eventually cancelled our show. A video iz posted on u-tube. I think there iz a live version ov "The Light Pours Out ov Me" from Dallas show. Good luck finding it..I came across it  totally by mistake. A cable-TV network that followed SLEEP CHAMBER and filmed us Live waz called VIDEOPHILE.  Much ov the dokumentation waz done by them and Jasper Burns.
 We were trying a totally different affect on the audience. The incense always gets lit 10 minutes before the performance. So that its going quite nicely by the time we start flooding the audience with the fog. The fog iz pumped at full into the crowd. This gives each person a feeling ov being somewhat euphoric. The musick iz more focused. The sound iz isolated and more personal. Concentration iz doubled. Giving an individual an alternate dimension to experience that they maybe unconscious ov or unaware ov. SLEEPCHAMBER haz always used Magick in our performances. From the very first show. I set up the performance az a ritual. The musick acts az a conduit to the psyche.
Each performance contains intention. Each performance contains persuasion. Each performance contains sexuality.
.The affect on the audience waz fantastic. It waz better than I imagined. None ov the Venues had air-conditioning. None ov them..! Yet, with the temperature over 100 degrees it only added something to the energy ov the whole trance. I remember it waz in Houston waz so hot..I could not wipe the sweat from dripping off my face. My whole body waz soaked. It waz erotick..I felt my spirit alive and watching from another dimension. We all got that energy-shift during "Mrs Goodbar"
I knew after that...all energy would be great.
SLEEP CHAMBER had evoked the right clip ov Vril....and it had intention.
I met a few ladies there. One waz very wealthy and drove a Corvette. She waz very sweet. (what could sound more sexy?) I do not want to say too much but will. 

 The night turned to day in no time at all. Yet the time ov Sexmagick waz frozen in moments that stand out az hours.  Vril waz present. Our Vril waz invoked in a private secret Ceremony between Me and My overnight 'Scarlet Woman'. Our Sexual escapades started with a Sexmagick ritual which included a one hour 69 known az 'Gathering the Ov'...a trance where both individuals separate from their present consciousness invoking one orgasm together directed to the intentional desire.  Sexmagick on the road (on Tour) iz rare. Most partners are usually too wasted and are not on the chosen level ov consciousness. Making it impossible to concentrate on Magick and usually acting on lust instead. When your Ego iz in check,this will matter. In any case it waz THE TOUR I waz to keep on track. 
When Jonathan performed "Site ov Pain, Site ov Pleasure" in Houston he hypnotized the  audience with hiz sneers and hiz  sweat pouring all over the place. In many ways like blood. It waz a dream..everything waz covered in sweat and smoke.."Beyond Love Beyond Simple Flesh.."   (The opening line to hiz song)...We could only see a few people in the audience. The fog waz so thick. Such a view, so little will ever see I thought.

 The TEXAS Shows ov 1989 were performances ov a life time. After performing in Dallas, Houston, Ft Worth and Austin SLEEP CHAMBER had enjoyed 'Southern Hospitality' exists..and its a warm welkum we were not use to. Along with 'Dry towns'-(no alcohol for sale)-
SLEEP CHAMBER played, partied, and fucked. I'm just glad that we had 2 weeks to do 5 shows.  In August it waz hot. 112 degrees most days. After performing I waz sipping Vodka by the pool. I could get use to this lifestyle. Yet, I say that every place we visit. It waz not long before it waz all over and SLEEP CHAMBER waz on our way back in Boston. Just in time for the German label reissue ov vinyl releases to CD.'
FUNFUNDIVERZIG played a major role in dokumenting SLEEP CHAMBER history. PIET at FUNFUNDIVERZIG waz always there to release and represent SLEEP CHAMBER in the USA and Europe. A master at getting our concept to the press and the radio in Europe. The USA always instantly rejected SLEEP CHAMBER saying that we were not a 'real band'. This waz ov course because they could not catalog us into a category and knew so little about us. Nether the less and more  importantly our following contained only individuals who understood and could relate to our relationship with them personally . SLEEP CHAMBER haz always known where theze individuals stand towards us.

Many people ask if Jonathan Briley waz into "Magick"...No, he read the Crowley books but he hated Charles Manson,Jim Jones..and that crew az I did. Jonathan waz more into the philosophies ov the "Supermen" like Friedrich Nietzche, Spengler,Voltaire and other mostly Eastern belief systems and writings...Somehow this aligned with my intentions and Will. SATANIC SANCTION waz rekorded by Jonathan and Myself in 1988. We rekorded somewhere around 2 hours ov musick for the release..This waz Jonathan's first experiences with Magick  . From the beginning Jonathan had a real problem with organized religion. Especially Christian Religion. Its obvious  in most ov hiz lyrical style ov musick.
SATANIC SANCTION rekordings were done with metal percussion and slowed down speeds on the processed
 rekording ov musick. We also started our in dept use ov tape loops and back-masking. Subliminal use waz
beginning to be used here. 
Many Industrial listeners were interested in loud obnoxious noize musick. SLEEP CHAMBER haz never 
 attempted that style ov musick. 
The messages sealed in the trax from SATANIC SANCTION were no where near the simple musickal attempts that were being made by many other bands known az Industrial.
SATANIC SANCTION iz az important to SLEEP CHAMBER history az any other release. Its electronic and organic mix ov sound haz no rivals. Its originality and distinctive style remains a classic in this type ov musick. 
The SATANIC SANCTION CD from Austria on Klang galerie haz the most complete collection ov trax..
                                              There iz a promo USA copy that iz much rarer. It states right on all copies "Not For Sale" Promotional Copy. 100 ov them were made for radio station give aways.
The Klang galerie version iz available for a short time. Last copies available.

                                                                   Post Paid Prices

We started to rekord a new release by the fall. EUGENE DIFRANCISCO waz back. I wanted to rekord a cover ov "The Light Pours Out ov Me" originally done by the UK band MAGAZINE. I had discovered Howard Devoto thru Larry Van Horn. We went to see MAGAZINE at The Paradise Theater in Boston and  met him at WNBR after the show. Nice Guy.. I had that song in my head for months. When I asked Eugene to do the waz great that he already knew it. It took us over 8 hours to rekord the song. I remixed it for days. Till I ran out ov money. I don't know what I waz looking for. But ended up with 5 different mixes ov the song. Eugene played all the instruments-(drums,bass,guitar)..I sang the vocals and did keyboards. This was SLEEP CHAMBERS first song to be released with real drums and not drum programs.
                               SLEEP CHAMBER~ "Making ov The Light Pours Out ov Me"

This waz the first song rekorded for the upkumming Vinyl LP "SLEEP OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PIECE". 
JEFF DOVNER waz the chief engineer this time. Paul Arnold had been relocated to Hollywood to produce hiz clan ov R&B artist that put him up and took care ov all hiz needs. Everything. There waz also an assistant engineer this time. Eugene's wife filmed the documentation. (ABOVE). Sue Chopelas waz my other half at the time..taking pictures. I can tell you it waz a very serious rekording session. "Mrs Goodbar" waz next. Jeff Dovener used a sub-bass that waz under the 48 track board. It waz a nob that lowered the Sub-Bass to its lowest frequency. I made the Video in 1990. It waz one ov My first Videos. Its also before the Internet waz even up or available. 

SLEEPCHAMBER~ "Mrs Goodbar" (official video)

At this point you must be saying....WoW..he haz all the documentation  throughout the history ov SLEEPCHAMBER.
YES I do, I have collected everything I could since the beginning ov SLEEPCHAMBER. Thats how important it iz to me. Historic documentation iz vital in the credibility ov what SLEEPCHAMBER haz accomplished to date.
It waz time to magickly invoke lyrics and musick
 to create something from the inner emotions and sexuality ov the true individual through connections to each other.

 It doez not get either get better or you fail.
I wrote a song in 1982 for the 1st SLEEP CHAMBER release. It waz "A SYNTHETIC WOMAN" . The Lyrics were too good to waste on a record from long ago. So I re:made a New Version for this release.
                                                                                               SLEEP CHAMBER~"A SYNTHETIC WOMAN" (official video):

I also did this video the same month az "Mrs Goodbar". I wanted this release to be way beyond SUBMIT or SPELLBONDAGE concepts. I wanted this Sound to be heavy and dark. I also wanted Jonathan to do a new song for this release. Since "The Light Pours Out ov Me" cost so much in Newbury Sound I moved to a smaller studio. BFVF. It waz mentioned to me az an enjoyable studio. The Boston Film and Video Foundation iz what it stands for. 
We started with "El Topo"...everyone waz pleased. But it waz only me and Arthur.   I had to bring the current line-up ov SLEEP CHAMBER together to evoke the right Vril I needed for an intentional musickal ritual that would bekum historical documentation by SLEEP CHAMBER.  
There were long sessions at BFVF..main problem that "Snakebite" and "Dominatrix" sounded so much alike it waz hard at times to remember what song we were mixing. I had to drop "Dominatrix" from the live set because I sang "Snakebite" to the "Dominatrix" drums and had to sing "Dominatrix" to the "Snakebite" drums two different shows.
No one noticed at all. 
I returned to Newbury Sound one more time. I had rekorded Jonathan singing "Thats Romance" at INNER-X-STUDIO.
I knew Jonathans vocals were due for better attention. The song iz intentionally ambient. Hiz vocals and lyrics are the main focus here. This waz the 3rd video I made for this release.

SLEEP CHAMBER~ "THATS ROMANCE" (official video) : 

After the release ov SLEEP OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PIECE and SIRKLE ZERO ..Jonathan Briley slid out ov SLEEP CHAMBER. I tried many ov a time to get him to rekord. Jonathan liked visiting Me..but I just could not get him involved with SLEEP CHAMBER or any musick. He waz done. It waz fact. Jonathan made one or two appearances at SLEEP CHAMBER shows guesting to sing "Thats Romance"...but it waz clear he waz done. 
Right after the release ov SLEEP OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PIECE we were asked to play Texas again. It had only been 5-6 months since our last Performances there. I had to line-up a new line-up. SLEEP CHAMBER members were rare.

I waz going to have to dig hard for this blood. Yet it came together fast. ARTHUR PW, DAN WALKER, and Myself. (Live Songs from BEAT FARM-Houston,Tx 1990) Video:

SLEEP CHAMBER~ (Beat Farm-Houston,TX)

Also known az 'The Mad Russian" Arthur waz difficult in the studio. At least with Me. He gave me what I liked. But he protested many ov my expectations and feared that he would not have hiz own voice in SLEEP CHAMBER. 
SLEEP CHAMBER individuals fall into place instinctively. I rarely have to tell them what to do. Yet Arthur demanded more individuality in SLEEP CHAMBER than I waz willing to share. (see interview):

SLEEP CHAMBER-(Band Members Interview)

 Az you can see just by Arthurs point ov waz constantly like this. Conflict.
The amount ov confidence must be measured equally with the Vril intention ov whatever project SLEEP CHAMBER iz involved with. Arthur tried to work around this. Much like TIONE did.  This iz impossible. I did not go into it but TIONE became somewhat unwound after the TEXAS Tour ov 89.. Even if the Tour iz small, after returning home some or all members go through a depression. We call it 'Post Tour Depression'. Everyone gets it. Some bounce back...some quit SLEEP CHAMBER..  I waz watching Arthur go through the same thing in 1990. Eventually their protests bekum demands. Make no mistake...there iz Not One person that haz been involved with SLEEP CHAMBER that doez not know or understand the sacrosanct consciousness ov SLEEP CHAMBER or what intentional concept iz at hand.  I knew all-too-well about this depression. I had gone through it many, well..every time we played out ov Boston. .``
The 1990 Tour ov TEXAS waz quite different from the first visit. There waz much too much drinking and pill mixing. This waz a new concept that slipped into the band members ov SLEEP CHAMBER. I waz one thing. This move made it so I waz baby-sitting. I am in control most ov the time. I am responsible for all members and all things.This will eventually turn around in a bad way.
Including the invokation ov all Performances. It waz almost instantly groupies were visiting and playing in our domain. 
I picked a few girls to play around on the stage while we performed. One girl waz a stripper and the other waz a ballet dancer.....What a ying-yang energy to evoke here. Being wasted seemed to ghost their inhibitions. It waz also messy for my taste. Little did I know this would bring me the concept for THE BARBITCHUETTES.   After returning back from the
1990 Tour ov TEXAS other issues were brewing...VILLE PLATTE Record manufacturing announced that they were no longer going to manufacture SLEEP CHAMBER vinyl or any products. A few magazines caught the story and contacted them for a response...and az usual it waz lame. Shown below iz an 'official letter' from VILLE PLATTE in LA that WIKAPEDIA might notice az an OFFICIAL NOTICE and not a self promotion from the Band. There iz also a piece from the Magazine "SOUND CHOICE" where they called the Pressing plant requesting why they would no longer make our vinyl LPs.
When the 90's began SLEEP CHAMBER had so many projects in production that it waz really hard to keep things straight.  After the release ov SATANIC SANCTION there waz material left over and new material being rekorded. Some collections ov rekordings were had to keep track ov. There waz sort ov a overflow ov Musick we were working on. Material we were mixing and producing. Along with Musick that waz mastered. "SIRKLE ZERO" waz the next Mystical Instrumental style to be released. It included material previously rekorded then remastered including ARTHUR PW. Arthur also produced  much ov SIRKLE ZERO.  The Line-Up waz JONATHAN BRILEY, LARRY VAN HORN ,ARTHUR PW and JOHN ZEWIZZ.  It waz quite different in mood and atmosphere than SATANIC SANCTION waz. This waz what I wanted. In fact there waz enough material left over, that it waz split up into demos to be remixed and remastered for other trax for the Limited Edition LP and CD "SECRETS OV 23". The Vinyl LP waz made in a Pressing ov 230 Copies only. The CD waz more bonus material that waz all unreleased and from Rekording sessions from SIRKLE MOON.

se Musick now instead ov bands. Yet I had kum up with a New concept to add to the "Live" SLEEP CHAMBER SHOWS....."THE BARBITCHUETTES"...the name iz taken from the drug "Barbiturates" a drug used to induce Sleep. I ov course had to "Individualize" the name so I spelled it including BAR-BITCH on purpose.(Since we played mostly Bars). And a drug to 'induce Sleep'...what could make more sense.  At the beginning it would not be az eazy az I planned. But no show waz ever anything less than a great performance.
FUNFUNDIVERZIG in Germany wanted a "Live" CD to release. I designed the layout for SLEEPING SICKNESS CD. It waz ment to be a "Live" double CD. It waz all planned to go. Unfortunately I waz not happy with the "Live" material I waz listening to. In the Archives there waz plenty ov Live performances to pick from. I just could not put together a USA Live CD I waz totally happy with. So in a rush I just let Piet @ FUNFUNDIVERZIG pick what he wanted from the unreleased trax he had. I did send him "Beside Dannae" ,"And We Can Smile" and "Cobra Heartbeat. (all rekorded the same day at Inner-X-Studios) to add to the release. Now maybe the layout ov the CD makes more sense.
A New guitarist waz brought in by Arthur Woznik  waz Ashley Swanson. Az usual there waz a small rehearsal to what musick waz being played live by SLEEP CHAMBER and Ashley passed. He waz a natural. And hiz personality fit in perfect. Non opinionated and open to suggestions. He had no problem with the bondage images and the use ov Magick in the live shows. He actually admired the use ov the 'special incense' ..(see interview) along with other members in current Line-Up :

We had been asked to play THE BATCAVE in New York City. And our Line-up waz perfect. So Ashley and Arthur were polishing up for our 1st New York show. New York crowds are known to be "Tuff crowds" to satisfy. So playing here waz cut out for this New Line-Up. A rare Live version ov "El Topo" surfaced. I don't even have this show in the archives. "EL TOPO" (Live NYC)~

Eugene Difrancisco waz back. He waz always on hand for Studio time and Boston shows but az far az Touring it waz out ov the question for that time period. The same for My new Sax player LAURA CHOPELAS. I waz dating her sister Sue and she introduced Me to her professional Sax player who had No Problem with THE BARBITCHUETTE fetish dress code.
We had no time to finish up any ov the 80's plans we had. The 90's waz kumming in too fast. With the New Line-Up and THE BARBITCHUETTES we went from 'Banned' in most Venues to 'In Demand' .The Clubs were contacting Me instead ov the other way around. It had seemed that things were finally changing in My favor. But being rejected by RCA and other major labels only favored SLEEP CHAMBER more with the indi labels. The Live shows in Boston had us playing the same clubs almost every 3-4 months apart. Between THE MIDDLE EAST Club and MANRAY they fought to book us on Halloween & New Years Eve. MANRAY booked us every year for 6 years to play there on New Years Eve. THE MIDDLE EAST would get on on Halloween and any other chance they could. LUNA TSUKI a pro photographer followed us from 1994 till sometime in 1995 photographing SLEEP CHAMBER & THE BARBITCHUETTES for some 9 shows. Her photography iz second to none. She really captured the aura ov THE BARBITCHUETTES perfectly without forgetting Me az most photographers are more interested in photographing THE BARBITCHUETTES in action on the stage. Luna's photography waz a very important part ov dokumenting SLEEP CHAMBER history. Az you will see that her photos are the best ones you will see through those years.(all BARBITCHUETTE pix by LUNA).  Then we finally got an invite to play THE LIMELIGHT in NYC in 91. This waz the perfect venue to show off My New BARBITCHUETTES. And ov course they were held up in Albany Ny. They showed up for the last Song "Kiss The Whip" making it a classic version for many in New York to see the new Line-Up and THE BARBITCHUETTES (see LINK): It waz az Fun az it looks. What a GREAT VERSION...!!

SLEEP CHAMBER~"Kiss The Whip" (Limelight NYC 91)

Now we were getting ready to play the west coast. We had been getting offers but no guaranteed amounts. And I waz not willing to Tour a State az large az California without some sort ov set amount for each performance. Remember now, I waz to be Touring with about 6 BARBITCHUETTES and a four member band.  We worked it out finally. I had 2 BARBITCHUETTES living in San Francisco that could line up more fetish females for SLEEP CHAMBER's performances in California. We titled the Tour "THE LEATHER & LUST TOUR".
SLEEPCHAMBER started out in San Diego.

 We had yet to connect with our BARBITCHUETTES for this show. And ov course since this waz our 1st west coast show there waz much press and POST Musick TV Show awaiting us.. They filmed our show and did an interview for POST but it waz missing THE BARBITCHUETTES from the POST TV broadcast ov SLEEP CHAMBER. They had edited and broadcast "The Light Pours Out ov Me" and our cover ov Madonna's "Justify My Love"

THE LIGHT POURS OUT OV ME-(San Diego 92 / POST TV broadcast)

JUSTIFY MY LOVE-(San Diego 92 / POST TV broadcast) w/interview

. I invited POST to see us at our next performance at The Kennel Club in San Francisco. I figured it would be our biggest show ov the Tour. And it waz. It waz filmed by two different companies. I saw the tapes the next day. They were great. We had 12-foot by 12-foot screens for our videos.(3 ov them). We had a whole line-up ov BARBITCHUETTES that were perfect for the show. The LEATHER & LUST TOUR band waz Ashley Swanson, Eugene Difrancisco, Arthur Woznic and Me. Az with all Tours there iz much to do about nothing. But this Tour waz different. Heroin had found its way into the program. I waz experimenting and a few BARBITCHUETTES were also. But none ov the band waz. One member tried it and hated it. So that waz a drama night.

This tour waz to top all other adventures out ov town. There waz more drugs than ever before. There waz Heroin,Opium,Meth and all sorts ov pills. I had to keep My head above water though. I waz responsible for keeping this 'act' together. Plus I had to perform.  And I had outsider BARBITCHUETTES that  I had not met yet. The pride had yet to be tamed . I make it a point to make sure that everyone involved knows who's in charge. That waz yet to be established. Not to mention 'sexual territory' waz rearing its ugly head. When you got males-(the band)...and females-(THE BARBITCHUETTES) sleeping all in the same place sometimes. Some pick partners and some want to change partners. This always causes problems. Always.   I eventually met the San Francisco BARBITCHUETTES. (wow) all were hand picked by Gabrielle. (Boston BARBITCHUETTE).
SLEEPCHAMBER~ "Way ov the Flesh" (Live SF)

Theze mostly strippers needed very little instruction. Just guidelines and a little direction to our burlesque fetish style.  California with a real mixture ov different people. Not to mention the Band Line-Up and the BARBITCHUETTES for the shows. I really went wild here. I went over-board a few times getting high. yet I still managed to play all the shows and keep all 10 people together.
At the last Hollywood i think. We were staying in a hotel and taking valum and speed. We were also drinking Wild Turkey whiskey-(My favorite). We were making plans on going out to some ov the underground clubs that were really wild I waz told. But keyboardist Arthur waz falling asleep from the pills. He refused to take any speed. It waz only Benzedrine capsules. It would have kept him awake. And after a few whiskey cocktails...he fell asleep. We left him sleeping and went out to a few clubs. It waz a day off for us. We ended up at a place called "BLACK & BLUE".  Ya, Ifigured it waz an S&M or Bondage club. waz. The BARBITCHUETTES and Eugene sa
(Ashley Swanson/Lisa Gorleyy)  

 at the bar. Ash went to a friends house to visit. So, I wandered around the club. I came to a roped off section. I saw this guy waz whipping this girl inside the roped off section. I watched az he broke a whip on her ass from spanking her so hard. Az he went over to grab another whip or paddle...not sure. He said.."Wanna whipping ?"...he had a shaved head and waz a bit taller than Me. He also waz bigger than Me. I politely said..."Maybe next time..but thanx anyway"....he responded.."I caught your show the other waz really great" ... I said thanx and continued to walk around. I waz really feeling the affects ov the Wild Turkey,beer,and pills now. I ended up in the Ladies Room some how. there waz a couple ov girls from Australia in there. We chattered for awhile smoking a joint. One ov them, sat peeing on the toilet az we smoked. I did not want to mention I waz getting very aroused by her peeing az we smoked. She sat there legs open az I pretended not to sneak peaks while passing her the joint.

She pulled a plastic bag from her pocket book. When she opened contained Psilocybin
Mushrooms. I waz feeling pretty wrecked and usually have a 'shut-off-switch' that tells Me when I've had enough. But this female Australian accent had Me sort ov under her spell. She offered Me some caps & stems to take...and with those legs wide open exposing her kitty waz impossible to say 'no'. Yes...I took the mushrooms and sat on someones jacket on the floor in the bathroom stall to have conversation. I waz unaware that the BARBITCHUETTES & Eugene were looking for Me. They never came into the ladies room. When the mushrooms kicked in...I found myself inside what seemed to be a cave. I did not know this girl. Yet that did not seem to matter. Somehow she had taken My cock out ov My pants. I waz buzy looking at all the graffiti on the walls thinking it waz  prehistoric or something.....then I heard My name being called. Well, I waz in the middle ov 'something'...and it waz not easy to be rude...but I waited...and the next thing I knew the door opened and 2 BARBITCHUETTES walked in. They saw the whole thing...and started to get mad. I tried to exit properly but it waz impossible. No female fighting started. But the ride back to the hotel waz pretty quiet except for Eugene's jokes up front about bizarre things in the club and people taking turns getting their butts whipped.

"ON THE WAY TO L.A." (footage)

When we returned to the hotel...Arthur waz out front. It waz about 3am. He waz pissed. I guess because he stayed in the hotel while we went out. He accused Me ov giving him 'sleeping pills' so he would pass out and I would have all the girls to myself ...I could have..but it waz not true.
Well, for some reason..I had taken My boots off...(maybe in the hotel room ?)...Arthur came running in pissed off and yelling. We started fist fighting in the hotel parking lot. Eugene waz filming it in hiz 'tighty whities" underwear....I waz laughing so hard that every punch & kick Arthur waz throwing waz hitting Me directly. I called for BARBITCHUETTE "Spider" (in My room) to grab My boots. It waz impossible to defend myself barefoot. Finally the Hotel manager came over and explained the L.A. cops were called...We all knew enough to get back into our rooms and lockup.
The cops came and left. We had played our last show in L.A. and it waz time to go back to SF and catch our plane back home. The ride waz beyond uncomfortable...Arthur & Eugene were up front. Ashley waz sound asleep up front too. I waz in the back with 'Spider" &"Gabrielle"..I heard Eugene say to Arthur..."I got you a birthday present "....Arthur...."Its not my birthday:"....Eugene: "You want it anyway ?"....Arthur:..."Ya..sure"....Eugene:...(Farts).."Happy Birthday Arthur"...IT Started!!..all the way back to SF (farting and fart jokes)....Arthur..."I got Russian missile silo loaded with a nuke"...(farts)..disturbing to My taste I relaxed and enjoyed my time in the back ov the van. All the way back to SF with "Spider" & "Gabrielle" waz nice.

Leaving SF onto LA-(the ride) footage:
 We did not fuck...but just about everything quietly else. Ov course there waz some sort ov drama about this afterwards...not important enough to go into. Plus its Private. I filmed the footage used in the "Anakonda" video in this hotel bathroom. We sadly parted ways, promising to return soon. When on the airplane ride home. We all sat in different seats. Az far from each other az possible. At one point the turbulence waz really tough. I laughed and motioned to Arthur that the plane waz going down.  He waz not happy about the gesture. In fact Arthur waz still unhappy about the whole thing. None ov us spoke for the 8-hour trip home.
Upon reaching Boston Logan Airport. Eugene had hiz mother pick Me & him up. Ashley went with Arthur who had a car and lived close to him. I waz unaware that Eugene had told hiz mother that I had given him Heroin. (He did not 'try it'...I gave it to him). The ride waz extremely quiet. No one spoke in this ride either. I got dropped off at My house...and have not spoken to Eugene since, or Arthur (who died a few years later ov a heart problem). Ashley moved to Florida and it waz time for Me to start a NEW version ov SLEEPCHAMBER. It waz the end ov THE LEATHER & LUST TOUR ov California. I survived and waz not eaten up by the west coast goblins. It waz touch & go at points. We did run into maggots trying to steal BARBITCHUETTES for their porn films and drug deals that could had gone wrong. Yet the Tour waz enlightening and enjoyable for Me. It waz a vacation for promotion and enjoying new people. Not a "disillusion" az one member mentioned in an Interview upon returning home.


Most ov you do not know what happens 'When you get back home". Well, it starts with a deafening silence that iz so obvious in starts to reach insanity.. There iz no "John...I..."   or "John...she took...", there iz No background Sound. This iz a sound you have kum to accept az a natural part ov regular. in the past weeks you have brought in and ajusted to a new background ov natural sound. Sound iz what you process az part ov your environment. You have adjusted to a type ov 'white noize that just becomes part ov your unconscious background.  With returning Home all iz quiet-(if you live alone). I mean real quiet. Any pets are sleeping silently. Its a very strange experience. Then you add in: You are not hearing your name called say...every 15 minutes. You are not being overwhelmed by constant interruptions and communications. You are not making constant decisions. You are not providing assistance to almost everyone around you. You are planning about focusing on a responsibility you have 2 days from now. You have to be obsessive-(kinda)..about all plans that form the Agenda. Until they are locked-in or guaranteed to your satisfaction....Then there iz Romance with strangers. Which can be wildly erotick and enique.  

   You can be someone else. No rules here. I'm an alter-ego that haz no inhibitions, just curious sexual instinct. Free...and open. I'm a wildcat that wants to Fuck and play. To do things in a very detailed manor. Rub up against all parts ov you with My face..I Love being an animal. You can only keep that behavior going for a couple ov weeks even naturally.  Its perfect for a tour. But never let your girlfriend know that you can be like this..They look forward to it. All the time. They keep looking at their watch ?...Its to see how long you going at-it. Or how long the high-energy sex play lasted. Because it sure waz long enough for her to check her watch for a time period long enough where she even lost track ov time.  And if your girl knows she will instinctively desire this all-the-time. I Understand. But, kum the time you do not rise to the standard,, she will take it personally. She will assume something iz wrong or you are unhappy. Even if there iz nothing wrong. Truth iz...this type ov Fucking runs twice az hot and burns out twice az fast. Its not that you do not Love them. Its because it will also burn out the relationship twice az fast. No matter how strong the Love iz.  So this behavior iz only practical  for short bursts and one night stands. Least we forget...the food..on My rider I request smoked salmon,fresh fruit,Waldorf salad, Hot shrimp in butter, etc. I insist on pure white cotton towels. Plenty ov them. for stage and afterwards. I get a quart ov Wild Turkey and Stoli Vodka ..along with plenty ov ice and mixers.The 'rider' goes on for az long az you want. By now...MY POINT iz...that when you arrive home this iz all GONE ?. Like it waz never there. You would never think that you could suffer from "Atmosphere Withdrawal". All that 'stress' iz in a way addictive. Because when its all gone. All ov IT. Where silence iz deafening. Depression also finds its way into the atmosphere. When you are alone at home after a Tour you go into a social withdrawal that iz  so very surreal. One minute you are 'On Top ov the World' and then you are at home with no one and nothing. Well, you got your thoughts. Which become poisonous to your emotions. You feel half off the track when you go out to be with your friends. Now that you are back to 'Normal'.  Or what insanity you have accepted az Routine. Your 'Everyday' feeling.. Even though you have moments ov enjoyment with your friends you still get memories triggered by flash memories. That bring an 'instant moment' you treasured from Time on the Tour into quick distracting Focus..  You will discover moments that you did not remember. Other moments you thought about for a second time. And discovered something in the memory you had missed the first time.  Oh,  I found the sales ov our SLEEPCHAMBER products had doubled. They were also asking for us to return to California. Which always happens. Those who missed the shows want another chance. But it waz not in the 'cards'..SLEEPCHAMBER had to move on to other pastures. The concept  waz meant to keep moving. And never look back

SLEEPCHAMBER~ "El Topo" (San Francisco)

SLEEPCHAMBER~ "Warm Leatherette" (San Francisco)

SLEEP CHAMBER Stronger than Ever ...

During the filming ov the SLEEP OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PIECE videos. I met a model I found interesting. NORM FRANCOUER who designed our Live stages and video backgrounds introduced Me to ELAINE WALKER.  She iz featured in our "SYNTHETIC WOMAN" video.  I waz making videos for SLEEP CHAMBER years before the Internet.   They were released on VHS tape and they sold really well. I can't imagine selling VHS tapes  now.                                        SLEEP CHAMBER `Synthetic Woman                  
She told Me she sang for a band BLUE CARTOON. I listened to the cassette she gave Me and waz very impressed. I offered her a contract that week. She had a really 'pretty' voice. 

Well, since I waz 'interested' NORM became ;'interested'. He had helped them also with designing video backgrounds.
She waz avoiding signing the contract out ov fear ov   "never signing a contract before" . So, I booked a block ov time in NEWBURY SOUND in Boston. We had agreed that Elaine would kum in and we would work on a Song together.
Well...I sat in the Studio on the date-(after reconfirming by phone) for a few hours. ($60. an hour). I made a few calls to her phone but never got an answer. I kind ov figured this might happen. Elaine became overwhelmed the first time I brought up interest in rekording her.  

I could not get the time or money back. I had booked an 8-hour session. Paid in advance. $480.00 but includes the 'chief engineer'.    I always say.."Work with What you got"... I had been playing around with the Studios LINN-DRUM machine. Since I came to the conclusion Elaine waz not kuming I started to write Lyrics in the first 2 hours I waited. I waz thinking ov My girlfriend Laura.  I waz remembering the first year that she moved into My place. She would wake up just about every night (for a year) screaming and crying. I waz always there to comfort her, gladly)  Many ov the times we would Fuck and nest. I remember at times our hearts were pounding. Really ready to rupture. The energy waz emotional. I would say its exactly like 'make-up-sex'.  Somehow the strong euphoria and sexual arousal mixed together cause an intoxicating  experience. Well...I wrote the Lyrics in those 2 hours thinking about this for the Song:
(official Video)

(John Zewizz & Laura Graff by Luna Tsuki)

I met up with Elaine later that week. I did not push her. She had informed Me that NORM FRANCOUR waz going to manage BLUE CARTOON . And he waz already filming their videos. I said OK and asked if she waz still interested in working with Me in SLEEP CHAMBER.  She said yes. But besides BLUE CARTOON she had another band she waz playing in around Boston and she waz committed to them first  I said fine. I started out just working in the Studio with her.  SLEEP CHAMBER had just released "Justify My Love" (Madonna cover)  with "No Ones Heart Beats Harder-(edited) on the flip side ov a Red Vinyl 45. there waz 500 black ones made first. Given out  az promotion. Later 5000 Red Vinyl ones were made. 
We also released a 'Video Single'. It waz a two video VHS that I thought would never sell. But I guess it waz 'the fad' at the time. Madonna even marketed her version the same way. We sold a lot ov them. People were buying them. People wanted them. We Sold-Out at about 750 copies.
I noticed a mistake in the info on "No Ones Heart Beats Harder" video on u-tube. It states that the Song iz from obviously iz not. Its more like 1992 .Arthur Woznik plays all electronics on "Justify My Love" and Ashley Swanson plays Guitar . The flip "No Ones Heart Beats Harder" I play ....electronics and Ashley Swanson plays guitar.  This waz the last release by this SLEEP CHAMBER Line-Up. :   JOHNZEWIZZ, ARTHUR WOZNIK, ASH SWANSON and EUGENE DIFRANCISCO .
I waz very impatient to return to the Studio and start writing new Songs. Especially with new Berkley School ov Music Teacher...Elaine Walker.  She waz showing Me all the different ways she could program the drums. On different scales, etc,etc. She waz obviously a whiz. 
We rekorded "SIAMESE SUCCUBI" at an 8-Track studio. Elaine programmed the drums for "CATWOMAN", "ANAKONDA" "ANIMAL MAGNETISM" "SPECIES INTERRUPTUS","COCKWORK" and "X-TA-SEE". I did the drums for "SWEET DREAMS SWEET" and "BESIDE DANNAE"   Funny footnote...when Arthur left SLEEP CHAMBER he took the backing trax for our 'Live' shows. (on purpose). Which were also current masters for a few new Songs we were working out on the LEATHER & LUST TOUR.  They were "ANAKONDA" & "COCKWORK".  He did not want to contribute to a band he waz not in.  So, if you hear Live versions on the 92 Tour ov theze Songs...the drums are completely different. Elaine Walker had to redo those Songs with completely different arrangements and changes. Az heard on the SIAMESE SUCCUBI CD release.
Also being released from FUNFUNDIVERZIG in Germany waz some New CDs that included Unreleased material. 
I wanted to make "SLEEPING SICKNESS" a Live CD.  But I just could not find enough good 'Live' versions ov the Songs I wanted to. I went through hundreds ov hours ov 'Live' tapes. There waz always something wrong with certain Songs. I just could not get a Great or Good version ov some Songs. So, I just went through the Songs that were still not released from that time period. I think its obvious by the inside layout ov the SLEEPING SICKNESS CD booklet with BARBITCHUETTE Live photos that it waz going to be a LIVE CD . Sorry...last minute changes.

The Songs on SLEEPING SICKNESS were taken from a few different rekording sessions. "BESIDE DANNAE" waz from SIAMESE SUCCUBI rekording sessions. "COBRA HEARTBEAT" waz from rekording session just prior to Elaine Walker joining. Sometime in 1990.  I waz in the state ov mind where I said that some ov the early SLEEP CHAMBER songs had good lyrics or the song waz overlooked. So, I re-rekorded some ov the early Songs like "FLESH ON FLESH", "BABES OV BABYLON" and "NO ONES HEART BEATS HARDER  az "re-makes". I waz very happy the way they came out. Also some people discovered those Songs for the first time az the 2nd version.,. That waz the Digi-Pak release ov "SOPOR" (a brand ov Qualude)   It waz a mini CD with 5 Songs on it. It Sold Out instantly. We never had it in stock for more than 2 days. I waz getting monthly shipments from Piet  at FUNFUNDIVERZIG RECORDS in Germany. My "Contract" waz the most exclusive and unusual ov ANY Record Contracts !    CONTRACT AGREEMENT:
John Zewizz iz to be given 100 CDs each year ov SLEEP CHAMBER title.    EVERY Year FUNFUNDIVERZIG RECORDS iz active. At one point I had 8-10 FUNFUNDIVERZIG CD releases.  Thats 800-1000 CD a Year ! Each Year !
I thought that I would have skids ov CDs everywhere. Yet, it never happened.

  Sometimes Piet waz short some CD titles. He would make up for it by giving Me double what He waz short !  The sad thing about Piet at FUNFUNDVERZIG RECORDS-in Germany...Our communications were slow at best sometimes. Then I waz mastering "SPECIES INTERRUPTUS" (Live in Germany). I had sent the Lay-Out ov ticket stubs,photos,news clips,posters and hand bills. It waz all My Originals. Even hand written parts ov My Diary from the Tour.. It looked Fantastick.  FUNFUNDIVERZIG RECORDS waz suppose to release "SPECIES INTERRUPTUS" (Live in Germany 97) a Double CD Set. This waz the original plan for the last CD that would have been issued by FUNFUNDIVERZIG RECORDS. Piet waz not fond ov "Live" CDs. But never the less. He had no problem releasing it. There waz also a Rare 7"45rpm made to sell along the 1997 Tour ov Germany. It contained 2 Live Songs. It waz made in 10 days. There iz a Song from the Tour on one side ov the record. "SUBMIT TO DESIRE"..I Think ?
After a month, no word came. I waz worried. I wrote again. Nothing in return. Letters were not even sent back. I thought he might be sick ov SLEEP CHAMBER but not know how to say it. So, i checked the internet. Everywhere. There iz no current activity. I wrote 7 letters that were not returned when even stamped "ADDRESS CORRECTION"?  I am assuming that Piet passed on. I know how much he Loved making CDs & being part ov the whole musick community. Piet waz so happy in hiz element ov FUNFUNDIVERZIG RECORDS.  He worked at a record distributor in Germany. They put out the Music Magazine "NOTES"  about current Musick & Styles. They did pieces on SLEEP CHAMBER twice. And gave us a piece ov The Cover Shot !
We also released "SONOROUS INVOKATIONS OV BRIAN JONES" (Vol.#1) There iz another one mastered Vol.#2, but it never got released. At one point I waz going torelease it on INNER-X. . But there waz already a line ov products waiting to be released. And before you know it a few years goes by and the release seems dated. It should have been released at the same time Vol.#1 waz released.
"SACRED & SURREAL" LP & CD waz released with an alternative version ov "Kiss The Whip" and alternative versions ov "Her Second Skin" and other trax.
The vinyl Lp includes material that never made it to the CD release even though the CD contained the first LP release along with other unreleased Songs. It features the hard to find "DREAMS WHILE DROWNING" 1986 Song. 
Well, Piet at FUNFUNDIVERZIG faded away. Yet..don't You forget that every time You hold a SLEEP CHAMBER CD in your hands or see its Cover..there iz a  90% chance that PIET at FUNFUNDIVERZIG made that CD ! For Collectors : FUNFUNDIVERZIG CDs (First issue-Labels were silver) Later reissues had black labels . The "SOPOR" CD should contain a personal Invitation for a "Fetish Party" at My House..
I did not think I waz going to beat the popularity,the rekording and sales ov the SLEEP OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PIECE release. That project waz My biggest push. With Jonathan Briley on "THATS ROMANCE"...Eugene Difrancisco on Guitar on "THE LIGHT POURS OUT OV ME"...and less popular on the radio but very popular in Live Performances "SNAKEBITE"...and "MRS GOODBAR"...and more for the dark Cult crowd "EL TOPO" and "DOMINATRIX" for the S&M crew.Performance wize. I had added THE BARBITCHUETTES. This waz a scene you had to see to believe. I waz meeting women almost daily wanting to be a BARBITCHUETTE.  I notified them ov the strict dress code. Rubber,Corsets,Nursing Bras,Thigh high boots...the whole catalog. They either had the outfits. Well, Strippers did. Others went out and bought a lot ov gear. I had some say.."I HEARD I HAD TO FUCK YOU...TO BEKUM A BARBITCHUETTE" ??   I always responded the same..."ITS UP TO YOU TOTALLY"...which waz Great till I got a new Girlfriend. Then this waz off. When they saw themselves in the videos they took on the attitude that it waz like THE HELLS ANGELS.   Devoted to Me totally. Until death do us past .
 They all became My Best friends. I played a "Father" image to most. I waz a bit older and more mature than what they were use to spending time with. Romance waz at an all time high. I waz also working with My side project WOMEN OF THE SS. I even got both groups together for a video session. THE BARBITCHUETTES & WOMEN OF THE SS.  There are shots on a piano in the Song "ANIMAL MAGNETISM".  WARNING:  "Graphic Content" MATURE MATERIAL (Nudity).
SLEEPCHAMBER~ "Animal Magnetism" (official video)

To Me SIAMESE SUCCUBI waz My favorite. It had moments not touched in SLEEP OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PIECE.release.  It waz way more exotick & erotick.  Both releases had Songs that were instant classics. And I would say theze are the 2 hardest releases to compare .  
I had met up with Joe Perry and Steve Tyler at HUBBA-HUBBA. A local Bondage shop. A place where many entertainers bought their leather pants & jackets. Also Bondage supplies. 
One day I walked in and waz introduced to both ov theze guyz. Being introduced az "Mr SLEEP CHAMBER.  I waz unaware that Steve waz an avid collector ov SLEEP CHAMBER .  I had met Steve before. But we never spent much time getting too deep.  He had asked Me to design the next AEROSMITH LP Cover. Or to do a lay-out. I contacted hiz management but it got too difficult too fast . So, I just dropped it. It waz for "PUMP".
Steve's wife came into HUBBA HUBBA to Christmas to buy all the SLEEP CHAMBER products that Steve did not already have in hiz collection-(CDs,T-Shirts, & VHS tapes) She spent close to $600.   I waz impressed to say the least. I asked if  there waz anything else I could do for her. She said she waz happy and Steve would be happier.  I had passed Steve a few times in Boston on the street. We had short conversations always broken up by fans and passers by that were looking to talk or get an autograph. We really never got to talk about a plan to Produce SLEEP CHAMBER in the studio with Steve involved. I had sent him tickets to some later Performances that included the New addition to SLEEP CHAMBER...."THE BARBITCHUETTES".  I'm unsure if Steve made any ov the Shows.  But I waz always out ov there fast. And may have missed a backstage visit. It waz going from a great back-stage-party to a place I had to get out ov az soon az the last note waz played. I also did not want to deal with the club owners shit about their club being filled with confetti,silly string and feathers. Usually everywhere. I mean all over the complete club.  Some clubs would threaten not to pay until the mess waz cleaned up. Which only happened when we had extra roadies. If not....depending on attitudes...there were shows the band waz pissed we didd not get paid because I refused to clean up the mess.  Which now waz bekuming  part ov the Performance.  We used a super industrial fan with ultra fast speeds to blow the features into the audience and all around the Venue for a full 'snow storm affect'.  If you watch the following Live will notice towards the end during the 'feather moments' than a male from the audience rubs feathers into My face. (5:31)...see My response  continued shortly to (5:36) when I'm pretending to sing with him "Kiss the Whip" in harmony...He never sees the mic smack to the nose kuming. "Boom" less than a second I pound him right into the sounded great...

SLEEP CHAMBER ~ "Infatuation" (Live @ Middle East 94)

(photo by LUNA TSUKI / BARBITCHUETTES "Sin" & "Veronica")

The 90's were moving very fast. For Band Members and now for BARBITCHUETTES.  It waz like having to direct two bands. One waz more emotional than the other. Yet either way it did not matter.  For every break or Performance SLEEP CHAMBER looked forward to...drama ov some sort waz sure to follow.  But thats the way it works. You have to be ready to improvise with everything at anytime.  If the right equipment waz not provided. You had to work with what you had. That includes lights,monitors, name it).
When you agree to play a Venue with a 'Contract' that lists items clearly and very simply with what you will provide for a Performance in exchange it should go off eazy.  It rarely does. Getting paid the agreed amount even when listed in the 'contract' az 'Guaranteed Payed Amount'...many times there are problems. All self induced.(by the Club).

SLEEP CHAMBER never played submissive when it came to getting paid what we were promised.
I remember a Performance on the 90-Tour ov Texas. SLEEP  CHAMBER played San Antonio. 
The promoter ov the show had 3 bands open for us in which he waz in 2 ov them. 
The crowd waz small. It waz real small for a 8-hour drive it took us to get there. I kept My eye on the promoter through most ov the Show. But he vanished towards the end. We could not find him and no one waz talking.  No one waz talking yet.  I found a guy who knew him. I asked for hiz address and the guy refused.  So next possible solution.  I told this guy I had some 'Psychedelic Mushrooms' he had ordered and I had no idea what to do with them.  I had no way ov getting them to him.  Oh, and he owed Me $50. to complete the deal. (It waz all made up).
SLEEP CHAMBER followed this guy to the promoters house.  We went up and knocked az we also went around back.  He waz not at home. Hiz roomates had an attitude and would not get in touch with him.  This waz not a good idea for him. Thats for sure.  I went to hiz neighbor and asked her if she had a phone I could use. She informed Me that she did not own a (land-line) phone.  So, I knew that she would not be calling the police. This waz 1990 before cell-phones.
We entered from the front and the rear at the same time. There waz only 2 males there. We started going through hiz stuff in hiz room. Within 10 minutes they were calling him. Explaining that we were ransacking 'hiz stuff'.
He rased home. (about 8 minutes).  Upon running across the front yard he tried to spray ARTHUR PW in the face with mace. It mis-fired and clogged. It waz instantly ov no use. Then he ended up head butted by Arthur resulting in a broken nose or something. The guy that came with him ran into a 'cloths-line' I had waiting for him out back.  theze guys were ov no threat or challenge to us. We just wanted to get paid.  It ended up being a loss due to this guys drug habit and the thought that he could get away-(even running)- without paying us.