Monday, December 5, 2016

SLEEPCHAMBER~ Discography:(complete)

By James Stein / Spike Devitt 
VALUES by John Zewizz, Spike Devitt, Paul LaVolte

The concept for a complete SLEEPCHAMBER discography including values has been in the planning for over 10 years now. It has gone to
the lay-out stages and changed more than a few times. Finally it has all come together in a design that everyone here at INNER-X is happy with. Since SLEEPCHAMBER has such a vast amount of releases since 1982 with the flow of products going from prolific to years without any releases at all. One thing is for sure. SLEEPCHAMBER is and has always been unpredictable. With constant band changes, evictions from social sites-(facebook) to banishing from music networks-(u-tube & VIMEO) its a wonder SLEEPCHAMBER manages to promote any of their product at all. (VIMEO has returned THE SLEEPCHAMBER VIDEO DEN minus 276 videos in the statement that SLEEPCHAMBER videos were "Sexually too Stimulating"). LINK:

Most ov the problems being some kind of soft core nudity.  Its never been a case of shock. Zewizz has constantly made the convincing case that the concept of SLEEPCHAMBER has always been eroticism. From the lyrics to the covers of each release this point is made. If that is not clear enough then listen to the music. SLEEPCHAMBER has never come off as a band looking to make the next big hit. If anything SLEEPCHAMBER seems to wallow in their own obscurity. And obscurity does not pay the bills. You have to give them credit. This has to be a labor-of-love at some point. If not then a very demanding hobby. In an admirable way. 

From the collections of everyone at INNER-X and owning most of the
stats on the releases we felt that we were able to consciously and fairly declare a value to these releases. Understanding that some would pay more and some would pay less then the value listed. (Which is for a Mint quality condition). There was no room for condition grading instead there is additional info and side notes. The valued price given is for you to have a general guideline. INNER-X was the major manufacturer in most of the releases. Along with FUNFUNDIVERZIG in Germany. Which was the next main manufacturer of SLEEPCHAMBER releases. After that there is a few independent labels that we had contracts with for releases.  I'm very sure you will find these price values helpful. No matter what you see for a selling price there is also auction prices. Our goal is to list a value for the product and not a Sale price. And the difference between what a music shop will sell for and what a collector is willing to pay. We have gone over all of this for years and made notes for releases that were in demand and releases that were rare. Each one generating different values to collectors. We also have information on products that made it to the 'test pressing' stage and never were released. Other issues we had problems with were re:issues and counterfeit copies. We are well aware of this situation and have listed (where possible) the difference between original copies and differences. In the covers and the labels. These were changed every time a product was re:issued.     James Stein 

..............................................VINYL RELEASES.................................

LABEL / Release                      TITLE                                                 YEAR          VALUE

INNER-X   xxx-03     ....................Speak in Tongues (7"EP w/ps)........................1982...............$75.00
INNER-X   xxx-LP-3 .....................SLEEP CHAMBER (1st LP/300 made)..............1984...............$100.
INNER-X   xxx-LP-5 .....................Submit to Desire LP ......................................1985...............$80.00
INNER-X   xxx-LP-5 .....................Submit to Desire LP-(white label promo)........1985...............$100.
INNER-X   xxx-Sex-3 ....................Warm Leatherette / Fetish (remix) 7"45 w/ps 



If you have not noticed ...I have not been on My facebook page in a few weeks.
The reason being that the person in charge ov "watching" My page haz dug up a picture I posted months ago. The picture iz ov the SLEEP CHAMBER pic sleeve for the 1985 release "WARM LEATHERETTE". If you are a regular to My facebook page you know that I had a 2 week "Time-Out" just recently. I could not even View My page.  Well, being back a week I noticed that I waz "Blocked" yet again. After following their route ov instructions they showed Me the picture that waz against their "community standards".  I informed them that this pic waz posted some 8-9 months ago in a cluster ov other pictures. (it waz not the front photo/ you had to look for it in the photo collection).

Well, within 2 days after I submitted this info with a note ov 'protest' stating that I had not posted anything 'controversial' or anything that could be considered 'controversial' since My last "Time Out' period.
The 2nd photo they dug up waz a photo from the inside ov the SLEEP CHAMBER "Sleeping Sickness" CD booklet.  Now, My problem being that I feel that this waz done out ov spite.  That week I posted a video SLEEPCHAMBER~"Red Panties" (Live 93) with a statement : CONTAINS NO NUDITY OR SEX. HISTORICKAL DOKUMENTATION THAT FALLS IN LINE WITH FB COMMUNITY STANDARDS.  It waz no less than 2 days when I got My notice that I had a new "Time-Out" ov 30 days for the posting. This waz obviously a reaction to posting the "RED PANTIES" video with My statement they took az a wize-guy action. I posted this statement to protect myself from facebooks 'time-out' reaction. If you go to My fb page you will see that the VIDEO may be controversial in some circles. But in no means warrants a 30 day off period-(az they know)- So, they went Looking for something in My photo collection to issue Me My "Time-Out".  You will also notice if you visit My fb page that people have been posting PORN to My page. I don't remove it. It sits on My page for weeks. And iz not removed unless I 'comment'.."IF I POSTED THIS I WOULD GET TIME-OUT FOR IT" iz then removed.  Now, I ask you are they 'watching' My page ?..Waiting for Me to post something against their 'community standards' ?

 And if I have not...they go searching back Years to find something ov a 'prize' to them. Giving them a reason to punish Me in a blatantly spiteful way. Yes, I did notify them that the 'posts' were from long ago and I have not posted Anything since My last "Time-Out"...matters not to facebook. You know its their network and they are going to win the argument hands down. Make no mistake, I do not post pictures intentionally that are offensive or objectionable. My intention iz to share with My followers SLEEP CHAMBER products that are a historical documentation ov items that are important to the history ov SLEEPCHAMBER.  I do understand fb standards. How hard would it be for facebook to be pleasant about this situation ?. But to go looking for something to bring an offence against Me ? . I did My time off fb. (learned My lesson) ...but they just wanted to respond to My posting ov the "RED PANTIES" video and My statement ov it being under the standards they request.
"Social Media"sites such az facebook and others are for people to post opinions,artwork,etc.  But when handed out punishment such az time off for posting something 'they' do not care for or agree with takes all the enjoyment out ov what theze sites are designed for. Its like having your parents looking over your shoulder when you are notified by fb that you posted something against their 'community standards'.
Now, most ov My 'friends' on facebook know that SLEEPCHAMBER haz some items that may be considered controversial. They know what they can expect from SLEEPCHAMBER. Its not like anyone haz filed a complaint. They rarely do. That's why I have a facebook watcher in charge ov keeping an eye on My page...most people DON'T CARE. If they did..they would complain. So, I ask you...What iz the point ov all this if the only ones that care are the ones who's job it iz to 'watch' someones page az their responsibility ?  This action encourages censorship on a social level. Most are just proud ov their work and want to share it. Theze actions also discourage people from posting their photo's, artwork and etc.
There are people I know and have met people that absolutely HATE facebook. I mean really HATE facebook. And its not even from their 'community standard' practices. They just do not like the relationship ov facebook having the right to use and copy any ov your posts to use az their own. Without notifying you or compensating you for your post. How police and other agencies use facebook to obtain information on YOU. I know this for a fact. When I waz assaulted in 2014 the police went right to facebook to find out information on the 2 assailants. They did this behind closed doors. They later told Me to look for them on facebook and I would be surprised. Low & behold...there they were. Az the police had said. 
In an open society 'Social Media' should be a place where you do not have to worry about punishment for documenting your art work, pictures you took, or freedom to express your opinion. The direction facebook iz going it will not be long before it goes the way ov other social networks like MY SPACE and others. Overly strict rules and spiteful tactics drive away Individuals like 'Me' who maintain over 5000 friends. That all contribute to facebooks stats and popularity. If people do not like what you offer...they go elsewhere. While I'm at it..let Me mention ELLO...(the alternative to facebook)..who claim to be "Nude Friendly"...Blocked Me for no reason from posting the exact same day az facebook Blocked Me. Funny huh ? ..Not really. This only means that theze networks are connected in some way. Like on NETFLIX & HULU...I first noticed that My photo waz gone on theze sites when visiting them. This iz how I knew there waz something wrong with facebook. My facebook profile picture waz missing from theze 2 viewing sites. I still had access to viewing. But what connection iz there when they use your facebook profile picture and it iz removed when there iz 'trouble' on facebook ? Why does facebook block your picture from NETFLIX & HULU when you have offended their community standards ? Are the sharing information on you ? Or iz it just nothing ? 
 "I'm Not Part ov the Herd" ...   

Sorry, I'm not part ov the 'herd' a true Individual I expect reactions from conformity. I take My rejection proudly. For without rejection and acceptance from the norm I would be part ov the masses.
I wallow in the non acceptance ov those rule selfishly with their own agenda az paramount . I pity not those who run with the herd. Individuality cost you everything. You stand outside and alone. You obtain your strength from fighting the establishment and those who pay loyalty to their cause and effect .
Frustration ?..sure. But frustration iz not caused by being an Individual. Everyone iz blessed with frustration. Individuality iz what the masses are currently searching for blindly. They think if they label themselves with a type or preference that they are special or are some sort ov half-ass Individual. Then they demand society excepts them. Individuality needs no acceptance from the establishment or from society what so ever.
The pleasure ov being an Individual iz knowing you got the complete herd at your back all the time. Know that strength ov character kums from the experience's ov the battles you have fought. Those battles never stop. Time kums and goes. You have to establish yourself in time. Make it matter !!
And remember our German friend who said 'What Doez Not Kill Me...Makes Me Stronger". Who are the Supermen ? The Individuals who stand alone and are ready to fight for their type ov life and what it means to them in this very short existence. Stand now or fall forever. Take control ov your own soul.
Things could be worse and things could be better. Understand the elements ov sacrifice. Fight for the right ov your instinctive might. I penned the name THE ULTIMATE MINORITY in 1987 because I waz experiencing the battle ov Individuality and what it costs to to remain a true Individual. JZ