Saturday, August 6, 2016

  ~:MAGICK:~ Part One~ 777 Year ov STRIFE

~:MAGICK:~Part One~ 

Many ov you have many questions. First off know that we are in The Year ov "STRIFE" have to know and understand this to be true from your own knowledge ov awareness. If no longer. This text iz for those who are in question ov direction and focus.
Current Issue: "777" YEAR OV STRIFE.  be now informed that every year haz a balance. It can go either way. Some years you think are 'bad' turn out to be 'not so bad'. Well...this year kums under the Flaming Tongue ov God's alphabet* from the ancient Hebrew book the Qabbalah az year 777 the Alphabet the flaming tongue letters 777 stand for 666.      Now you can go google yourself silly looking up 777 or whatever you want. This text iz to save you all the time.  And some ov you will feel free to give Me your version ov the same thing.  Make no mistake, you can see it everywhere from politics to social media all over the world.
To know STRIFE and to understand that its reign ov energy iz an 'equivalent exchange' to what haz already been changed or altered. So, know its time here should have been expected. Realize there iz nothing you can do to alter its existence . This year will kill some ov you instead ov making you stronger.
The World iz currently in a Magickal state. It iz best to adapt to this situation. Remember your ego iz at its worst right now. You should avoid any situations that involve conflict, anger, disagreement, and discord. Especially over fundamental issues ov all kinds.
If you chose to engage in theze situations YOU WILL LOSE.  This iz time when you fold up your cards and except your losses. Remember that Enlightenment kums from your true virtues  The virtue ov 'humbleness' kums to pick what virtue az a Magickal weapon to use in every situation. There are others too. To understand how to be true to your Will and conquer a relative situation with the dynamic ov that situation iz key... you must chose correctly.
You will find everything possible to have a meaning for 777 if you google it...go ahead..I'll wait. be sure you must watch your daily life for any conflicts and avoid them. This iz no cheap dime store prediction. Any Magickian who studies from the TREE OF LIFE knows far too well what to expect from ignorance ov Life and Nature. We must all maintain our so called 'common sense'...which iz also your 'primal instinct'.
To simply banish them away for this 'political correctness' iz not only ignorant but kaos. And most kaos iz ignorance ov the Will.
Before letting your ego take full control ov your logic take a step back and look at yourself. You will be glad you did.
The Secret here iz ... that we should be joining together az a species to enjoy what we share in common. Not to start finding out how many different names we can classify ourselves into. That's called 'pigeon-holing' or reverse stereo-typing....why would you want to start a philosophy under that concept ?
POLITICAL CORRECTNESS iz a concept ov ego. It iz wanting to be 'right' about the situation based on a collection ov opinions that use their STRIFE to establish their claim in correctness. Even if you are wrong, You will fight for the sake ov not being wrong. Not being able to ever except that you are ever wrong about anything. Any Magickian will tell you that your ego iz your worst enemy.
STRIFE iz an ego tool ov Magick. To use it you are saying its your best spiritual weapon for that situation. Without

it being backed up by taking responsibility for that action you have no unconscious direction ov Psyche. No one who understands Magick would consider this path ov thinking. It iz not rational or logic. Its roots are buried in anger, selfishness and conflict.
WHOMSOEVER takes this path ov ego iz doomed to failure and encourages a slaughter ov their own True Free Will.
See for yourself. The World iz in conflict everywhere. Why would fighting among ourselves be a common sense thing? Joining together to Me seems more  potentially powerful than finding odds with each others problems or issues.
Az those who fight and spend their petty time bickering an issue with nonsense accomplish nothing at all.,  Everything that only matters to ones ego, takes offence to what you do not agree with.    Something you fear from not being quite informed on ...Step Back ... Could all ov this possibly be... being done by design ?  Its not like we are on the first pages ov a history book.
I have to disconnect here...I could go on but would rather try and keep the notion short .

* Hebrew: Tongue of Fire Alphabet.  Said to be the alphabet (Alefbet) handed down to the Hebrews by the flaming words ov Gods tongue: Sacred alphabet from the Kabbalah (Ancient Hebrew mystic translations)

+JOHN ZEWIZZ+    ~08/6/16~    

SLEEPCHAMBER~ "Ov This Flesh" (official video) 1989

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