Sunday, August 7, 2016


The whole construction ov SLEEPCHAMBER haz been at odds since the beginning. I think that it operates better in kaos az a unit under attack. 
Throughout the years there haz never been a correct shuffle ov the cards.
It haz only kum into view currently. If you think that I like bitching about a deletion ov a channel or a removal ov a video (that includes a 'time-out' on facebook) iz my favorite pastime ... you are incorrect.
I will not bore you with "What it Takes" to keep SLEEPCHAMBER alive and well.
I will only retort by saying that most would not have much ov a chance in their efforts at attempting to establish a musickal structure similar in comparison.
Although I try to keep in mind that many social 'musick sites' are usually bland at best when providing any sort ov interesting facts or views on 'Musickal Concepts'.
They lack the information and the knowledge to provide their readers with an un-bias
look into the artist in detail.
Most blogs and sites draw from Wikapedia for their foundation to build from.
Its almost painful to constantly read the opening lines..."An american Industrial band led by JZ the band iz known for using S&M,bondage & magick in their imagery".
Az with other sites such az 'Disogs' they may have an impressive (yet incomplete) discography on Me and My musick but only provide a skeleton bio which leaves the reader uninformed and robbed ov any intellect. Its primary goal seems to be marketing ov the musickal products ...which iz not a bad thing. 
I have released so many projects in the past that to keep up with its demand for the 'rare' and 'impossible to find'  iz not likely to be a priority with Me.
I release small amounts ov copies because the musick iz only made for the chosen few. 
The elite individuals that have followed Me from the beginning and there after.
I do maintain much respect for theze individuals.
In social media ... being facebook, twitter, u-tube etc ...I can only depend on 'views' and 'comments' az a poor reference ov our current popularity.
Az much ov this goes against My concept az an artist ...I have no other choice.
Currently I am providing nothing but a few cassettes and a poster for sale.
There iz a vast amount ov SLEEPCHAMBER items out there for sale.
We have had problems with selfish people bootlegging some ov our more popular items. Such az T-shirts and vinyl.
In many cases this iz a normal reaction to a demand for things unavailable.
Supply & demand.
There iz little I can do about it. I would be spending much time on legal issues instead ov producing the musick, video and philosophy.
I have never had issue with individuals posting videos ov their favorite piece ov musick or video. The problem kums when the greedy indie labels that do not think twice before they bootleg a T-shirt or a CD that the whole lifeline to their financial direction depends on the 'artist' not totally on the supply for their musick.
SLEEPCHAMBER haz probably reached its end at this point. Being overwhelmed with what iz in demand and what I can provide iz getting to be a tricky fix.
If I do this...I will not be able to do that. I spend more time supplying  info and images ,checking stats,promoting pages,sites and blogs than doing what I want to do. Write and rekord musick.
SLEEPCHAMBER haz always been a collection ov kaos. But well staffed and maintained kaos. 
From the first review "Who gave theze guys a synth for Christmas ?" ... to the "original industrial muscle band" and the ever so clever "Sex gods and holymen of the occult"
 (picture by LUNA TSUKI. SLEEPCHAMBER at Krazy Kastle-Allston,Mass.2012)

I only do this once. Every part ov it iz musickal history. SLEEPCHAMBER will obviously continue till I'm done with her. Even though a current New CD iz going to be hard to complete. This iz because ov in the middle ov making a solo CD plans to play Israel became an important accomplishment to Me.
So between all the drama I find myself with too many fingers in the pie.
I am being forced to pick musick for the solo release and possibly steal SLEEPCHAMBER songs already rekorded and release them on the solo release.
I can not steal solo trax for the SLEEPCHAMBER release. They just do not sound like SLEEPCHAMBER.
I am in the middle ov mastering solo trax along with the last SLEEPCHAMBER trax we rekorded last year and this year. I'm uncertain if there iz enough for a complete CD release but I could be wrong. We will have to see after all this sorting I got ahead ov Me.
(Me and LEELA-(the Gun) by Sheri Snow /July 2016)

With a birthday kumming up and plans to organize this Last Stand show in Israel and shows in Germany I'll be out ov sight for awhile. I hope you all are well. And the ones that are in issue I wish you My best. I'll keep you in My thoughts and heart.
+JOHN ZEWIZZ+ 8/7/16

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