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(SLEEPCHAMBER Line-Up including BARBITCHUETTES 1997 German Tour)

This Tour started when one time member ANDREW WOOLF got it in hiz head (from being in contact with my German label FUNFUNDIVERZIG and other German connections)..that this would be a great idea. I told him from the start that I waz not going to be part ov this workload. I only told him that we wanted a fixed price ov $5000.00 a show. -or- the complete door price.
I also told Andrew he had to get 'a Band & BARBITCHUETTES' for the performances. 
At that time SLEEPCHAMBER waz playing 'The Limelight NYC' and other local Boston Shows. there waz a break-down in SLEEP in 1996. You will find little shows from that year. Maybe a few. I waz nursing a serious Heroin addiction. I waz trapped between addiction and Methadone maintenance. 
Andrew knew my situation. He also visited Me at times to score for himself. 
I got to give him credit. Something I thought I waz only capable ov Andrew waz managing to construct. He managed to get in touch with BARBITCHUETTE "Lulu" and her friend who agreed to do the German tour.
At this point the BARBITCHUETTES were disbanded.
Not officially. I waz just in a bad situation. And it waz only getting worse.
I did not have what I needed inside to do the footwork.
Yet playing Germany waz a dream kum true. I waz not going to let this addiction destroy all my dreams. So, I decided I would go anyway.
'My situation'...waz known right off the start. I needed an opiate dose or I waz going to be really sick. Nothing short ov that. I should have never left it in any one else's hands. Yet I did. It waz going to all end up in My lap...I just did not know it yet.

Truth be told...Andrew went to Berkeley School ov Musick and drafted 2 guys to 'listen' to SLEEP musick and play Synth & Guitar on the German Tour.
I had reminded Andrew more than a few times..."Make sure theze guys Wear-all-Black"...I waz ready enough to roll the dice on this plan. My concerns were elsewhere. I usually take more control over such a plan. 
Andrew at one time said to me..."I found a Band that you will not be able to corrupt"..He waz under the notion that I waz the problem with Tour Line-ups..    (I WAZ). 
Because after the "Leather & Lust Tour" ov California 1992 the line-up ov Eugene Difrancisco & Arthur PW left SLEEPCHAMBER (right after arriving  in Boston ). Seems like joking about the turbulence on the flight home waz not funny.  It would now be impossible to get them for this New Tour ov Germany.
And he waz right. Andrew informed Me that he contacted them...(unknown to Me).. I would have told him that he waz wasting hiz time.  I have no problem admitting that I am very hard on myself when it kums to Touring or playing out-ov-town.I feel that I have to release the energy that I gather from the efforts in putting a major concept together. It takes 100% out ov your Time and your Will.
I have to adjust myself to a high level ov processing  when playing out-ov-

town. My adrenaline haz to be on 10 for Me to perform and control surrounding kaos  elements.
I have found that most do not understand just what it takes to organize and perform such shows. I have to web out and over-see all parts ov the Performance. From the Lights, to the Sound... the Songs chosen...Which BARBITCHUETTE will perform in what Song...How many BARBITCHUETTES in each Song..etc. This iz not counting the small things like: guest list, payment for the Show, roadies,alcohol,stage set-up,gel colors for the lights,backstage access,security for The BARBITCHUETTES and Myself,and the list ov 'little things' goes on...and I know how important all things are when it kums to putting on a Performance that I am happy with.
(JOHN ZEWIZZ by Luna Tsuki)
I arrived in Germany a few days before meeting 'the band'...I waz with Lulu and her dominatrix friend.. We had a few days to organize and plan on what we were going to do and where. My mind waz still wrapped up with why Andrew did not want to go on this tour. He waz still officially a member ov the band then. I asked him a few times why he waz not going..he just gave me vague answers that really did not answer the question. But like I said...I had much more important things 
to address than this.
Me and Lulu and Sue ?..played around doing nothing for awhile. Waiting for 'the band' to arrive.  I waz smoking hash with My record label friends getting really stuck. I asked the 'Tour Manager' Ralph about 'My situation'...he said a friend in Berlin waz going to help. Only problem it waz almost 4 days away till we played Berlin. We had a show the night before too. He noticed 'my condition' the next day. It had been over 24 hours since we arrived and I waz really not doing well. i remember him saying.."You can't do a show in that condition"...I will call a doctor ..we will fix this". Now I had plenty ov experience with My addiction and the regular treatment that you get from doctors. I told him that he waz wasting hiz time. No doctor will prescribe anything effective.
The doctor he spoke with on the phone said that he would see Me. I waz surprised. I even made a bet with him..I would buy him a case ov hiz favorite beer if I waz prescribed anything worthwhile. 
We arrived at the doctors office. I noticed that he waz on the second floor ov a pharmacy. I did not take much more notice other than that. In the doctors office I sat while the tour manager and the doctor spoke in German. I heard the manager mention at least 6-7 tour dates. The doctor turned to Me and said "Do you know how serious your situation iz ?..for an artist ? ..I'm going to prescribe you some Methadone. So that you can continue your much Methadone are you on in the States ?"...Now I waz not on a clinic,and not on a 'maintenance program'. But I still needed this Methadone for completing the Performances in the way I wanted them done.
I know Methadone. I know what dose will give Me a 'kick' and what dose iz too much.
Well, the doctor prescribed Me 80-mg ov Methadone a day for a two week period. Then I waz told that he would reduce the amount daily to kum down off  the Methadone over a 4-week period.
On the way out I purchased 14 bottles ov Methadone.($24.99). Each bottle contained 80mg. There waz also an alcohol store right there. I bought a case ov the manager's favorite beer.  I drank a bottle ov Methadone and washed it down with the managers favorite beer... We were off..
Now it waz time to meet the band and see what modification I had (or not) to do with the band.
I got along fine with them. They seemed to already have been briefed by Andrew Woolf. the only problem with this sort ov concept iz that you will already have a built in bias on the person you are working for. Lets be straight with this. Theze two musicians were 'hired guns'. I agreed to comply with this type ov arrangement. I have worked with 'hired guns' before. They never work out. Like I said...they kum complete with a story-board image ov you.
They also do not respect the oath ov any SLEEPCHAMBER philosophy.
This we will see be their downfall more than a few times.

I waz not 100% and expected my backup people to be in position. To be honest about this 'type' ov situation. I condition all SLEEPERS* by exposing them to My psyche. I expose them to My virtues. I strip myself from all and any prejudice I may hold. I reflect an open image ov being vulnerable giving them the choice ov being in control. This dynamic ov submission provides sincerity. A Magickal tool from the virtues vault. It contains integrity. (a virtue that needs to be earned).
Well, not looking to corrupt this line-up i kept all indulgences to myself. 
It's natural to want to be social, its social to want to share. The only issue I had with a band that did not indulge in after show celebrations iz that the Vodka waz filling up the back ov the bus. On my rider I had 1-gallon ov 'Stoli' vodka and 2 cases ov beer per show. Now, I'm one that can keep up with the best ov them...but with no one to drink with...I do not drink az much. And thats a good thing. 

I waz on 80-mg ov Methadone. Worth mentioning..theze are 'very bad-mixtures'..I waz somewhat knowledgeable ov this..still ...I needed to be set free...I needed theze performances to convince Me that what I waz doing waz not a total waste ov time..not for my ego...for the inner-self that makes Me who I am. I venture to where most can not follow.... with their reasons being many  evolve to excuses. results being none.

Our First waz had been a long time. 
Time wasted on a thrill trap. It waz time to move on. This show reflected that.
I had picked up an anxiety snag somewhere in Boston. Around 1992. I think it waz just after Jonathan Briley left the band. I'm not saying at all that this may have been thee snag...just that it waz around that same year. The subconscious investment, not worth it here. Solution accomplished : on anxiety at that First show in BOCHUM~Germany~:3:7:97:~

(JOHN ZEWIZZ & BARBITCHUETTE "Lulu" /Frankfurt 97)

I waz really caught off guard when I saw the TV crew. The audience waz growing slowly. I waz dreading a low-show in front ov a TV network.
I had no idea who they were. I waz not briefed with any kind ov notice on TV Stations or networks that were taking control ov My domain.
There waz only a small show ov PRESS autonomy. (Its a programmed solution to accessing areas or people that may be difficult to access).
I made sure ahead ov time that this would not be a problem. 
The show went off perfect.(its pretty hard for Me to say this). The Show waz a 'sell-out'..the audience completed the Performance.

Considering that The BARBITCHUETTES had little time to adjust to each other's inhibitions or their uninhibited zones. 
I give them full credit here. This show waz Great. The BARBITCHUETTES (after just meeting each other for the first time)...had to personally adjust their sexual roles to a New standard ov foreplay.
Lead BARBITCHUETTE "Lulu" waz in control over the pride ov female adepts. For the German must have been harder. (being instructed by 2 pro dominatrix's)haha... The language barrier being the obvious major objective.
I found the 'language barrier' something that worked in My favor. Especially in possible romantic interludes. It waz incredibly exciting. Being proper had a different meaning. Mistaken moves were permitted because translation waz not obvious or available ...covering most inhibitions or social behavior to mistaken understandings or reactions to innocent advancements.
Before I knew it, the TV crew waz filming all ov us back-stage. I do not have an issue with this. Az long az everyone knows they are a guest.
I only say this because ov past problems with crews and individuals who have  assumed that they were 'in charge'.
No need for that here. BOCHUM waz warm and friendly. The audience waz our first in Germany. They set the mood for the rest ov the Tour.
The TV crew were not in the least bit invasive. The interviewers were friendly and educated in SLEEPCHAMBER.(a rare moment at times).
There iz much,much more to the GERMAN 97 TOUR. I will include more on 'stories on the road'...backstage...Performances, and rare moments.
I have collected many memories ov this tour. from 'live' rekordings to my diary, memorabilia,pix,and plenty more. The 1st TV broadcast haz a transvestite explaining our style ov Musick. And how it iz not her type ov Musick.
I will explain the 2nd interview later. They also filmed the complete Performance.
In a 2nd part ov The 1997 Tour Ov GERMANY.  

SLEEPCHAMBER~ "Monkeyman" Live Rostock 97

You can find other songs from this show on u-tube. The 'Complete Show' will be available on
The ANUBUS:23 Station (official SLEEPCHAMBER U-Tube Channel

+JOHN ZEWIZZ+ 08/13/16
  *SLEEPERS~ aka Rooks, Knights and other such ranks within the SLEEPCHAMBER circle. Each rank fills an intent throughout the support system.  
     Our next show waz Berlin. My first impression ov Berlin waz that it reminded Me ov Manhattan.NYC From the instant graffiti scribbling and tagging. There waz plenty ov people to meet. that's for sure. Berlin had all the energy ov New York City too. I guess its what I totally assumed it would be. There waz the first 'Fetish Show' ov the Tour. Our live show waz broadcast from the soundboard to a Radio station in Berlin. It waz a real busy show because it waz a much bigger venue and event. I spent time smoking hash backstage with a couple ov women. We talked about the 'Fetish events' and musick in general. There waz also a couple ov opening musickal acts. I missed the first one. The second one turned out to be a 'situation' ....I don't know, but suspect..that this band must have seen our act at least once. The male lead singer started to kiss another member ov the band (female) waz in a very sexual way. I think there plan waz for all the band members to do the same. Unfortunately....another female left her keyboard and ran off stage. Quite possibly the lead singers girlfriend ? Anyway..they made another go at it and the musick waz pretty good but the stage plan had changed. I'm not sure if it waz this 'Fetish show' or the another one where the 2 new band members ov SLEEPCHAMBER were rejected from going into the 'Fetish rooms' because.."the did not look right'...??? Hahaha...Sorry..but I told Andrew that theze guys should wear 'all black'...and must look 'the part'...they did not. I waz told by the keyboard player that they were not believed when they explained that they were 'in' SLEEPCHAMBER.  I said "OK"..and looked at the 2 ov them. One waz wearing a navy blue gas station jump-suit. (X-large)...and the keyboard player waz wearing black pants but a red plaid shirt...I waz kinda angry at both Andrew and the 2 new members at this point. It seemed like they were not conforming to the SLEEP dress code.

(JOHN ZEWIZZ~ Hamburg-Germany 97)

 That if you are told about are clue-less. Why should I have to even explain how to dress. What waz I going to do ? I walked them both over to a 'whipping room' and explained that "They are with Me.." I felt like I waz with a couple ov kids. They were allowed in...I went backstage. We still had some time and I wanted to mix with the backstage crowd a bit before going on. It waz great to see such a wild mixture ov people. There waz no dominant crowd. You had your Goths & Crows..(all black dress)..some middle aged people that had been loyal to SLEEPCHAMBER from the beginning. There waz a good amount ov female 'Exoticks' (fetish gear & colored hair)..and a couple ov 'Skinheads' were in the stew ov individuals. I knew we had a good if not great BARBITCHUETTE Line-up....they were efficient and already competent. I waz happy. I knew that we had a great show and had already played the night before and it waz well received. After the show...a romance had started. Like I said...the language barrier waz working in my favor. A beautiful lusty red-head. And a natural too. There waz some clumsy word play in the hotel room some laughing...and the romance waz off. I feel like I'd already been waiting for it to happen. Within the first 5 days everything waz going great. Noteworthy iz that I waz making a grave error in the taking ov the Methadone. I found that after the first time..the dose ov Methadone waz no longer getting me high. I had to take another 80-mg bottle to 'feel it'. So now I'm on 160-mg ov Methadone. About to stupidly increase the dosage by another 80-mg ov Methadone.
                                          GERMAN TV~ (footage from Tour Venues 97)

SLEEPCHAMBER~ "GERMAN TV" ~ (Footage from assorted Performances, Interviews and Mentions ov Tour.
Germany iz a Great Country. I love the Individuality I found there. There were groups ov fans that followed us from City to City az long az they could.  Support wize...even though none ov the 5 ov them could speak a 'word' ov English, We all had a wonderful time partying and enjoying each others company. I felt obligated to reward their support. I offered them just about EVERYTHING !   Thing waz that they already had copies ov all CDs we were selling. The same with the 2-different T-Shirts. I gave them the 'Set Lists' from the stage ov each Performance. There were 3-5 'Set Lists' for each show. (1-for each member ov the Band, and a few for THE BARBITCHUETTES-(who saved theirs). So, we were getting somewhere. They were allowed back-stage for each Show. I offered them anything from My rider-(what goodies & food the Venue provides through Contract. *(SEE RIDER FOR ZEWIZZ / from Contract).

(JOHN ZEWIZZ by Luna Tsuki)

 They followed us for 4-5 Performances. At the last Show we did I soaked myself with water. Pouring bottles over My head to kool down. It waz so hot on the stage I waz soaked every Show to the max. I offered them My rubber shirt and they kindly refused. They had an idea just what the shirt cost. ($150.)   Now thats what I consider Real Individuals. They could have just az eazy excepted the rubber shirt and had it Autographed by SLEEP CHAMBER and sold it on E=bay for who knows how much.


 If you guys read this, and from your dedication at the Performances..I'm sure at least one ov you are...HELLOW !...and I will always remember our times back-stage together.   For 2 groups ov people speaking different languages, not knowing what each other waz saying....We got along perfectly !... I Salute You friends ... You were Fun to hang out with. It waz sad (az usual) saying 'Good bye"... But You will never be forgotten.  PS~ I waz impressed with the SLEEP CHAMBER collections each person had. Really... WOW.  I could not offer you anything...and that waz fine with you. "MY FRIENDS IN GERMANY...ARE THE BEST"....John Z.

By the time we got to HEIDELBERG I had made the grave mistake ov drinking 3 bottles ov 80-mg ov Methadone (160-mg). I remember getting there. I could not keep My eyes open. I waz falling asleep in the middle ov conversations. It waz causing Me anxiety right through the effects ov the Methadone. Which I waz realizing waz an OD. There waz issues with getting to a venue and while doing an instant soundcheck while arriving...The BARBITCHUETTES were consuming the best ov the rider backstage. (Smoked salmon,fresh fruit,chocolates,yogurt,and other goodies). By the time we had finished our soundcheck the BARBITCHUETTES had eaten up the best ov our platters. I had told one ov the SLEEP members to run ahead and hide some ov the items we wanted. Well, the BARBITCHUETTES had noticed that the usually waiting goodies were short a few ov the regular items they had kum to love. I waz listening in one ear about the goodies were hidden for us later. With the other ear hearing the complaints about a shortage ov goodies backstage. It waz kinda a nightmare. All this kaos and Me being out ov commission. I made it to the stage in Heidelberg in a mad sweat. I waz seeing double. I still managed to get through most ov the 70 minute set. Missing 2 songs. They ended up instrumentals with the BARBITCHUETTES putting their best tit forward. I left the stage when I thought I waz going to pass-out. I went back stage and washed My face in ice cold water in a sink.

(JOHN ZEWIZZ~ Heidelberg,Germany 97 /photographer unknown)                

 It waz less than 30 seconds before I heard a voice say.."if you do not finish the won't get paid"...obviously someone waz in panic..and it waz not Me. I guess I fail to see the problem with Me leaving the stage for a song or two ?? Matters not...I understand. Anyway..I missed 1- song "Cobra Heartbeat"..The Band did a short improv piece due to a 'panic' ..I waz not on stage for the song. . And I completed the final 2 songs. I have the soundboard tape for those who say otherwize. I will post it on u-tube. I did OD on Methadone. I waz a walking zombie. Never-the-less... I did complete the show. Its a great Performance. When you hear the tape , you will notice that there iz a song and a half (actually) that iz missing My vocals...I'm backstage with My face in a sink puking and sweating My ass off. I return to wrap up a great set. This 'Performance' iz being uploaded (Complete Show) so that you can judge for yourself.
ANUBUS23  Channel
Check this Channel on a regular basis. The HEIDELBERG show 97.  (To be Posted Here upon its upload-COMPLETE SHOW)                    (JOHN ZEWIZZ~ Heidelberg-Germany 97 / photographer unknown)                                                

I missed a lot that night. I had to just go back to the hotel and sleep. I could not possibly keep my eyes open. There waz a big party. I guess there waz obviously some interesting people.
I have to cut short some stories to put other ones in. I waz in a haze for a few days. None ov it affected the Performances other than the Heidelberg glitch.
Another 'fun time' waz when the keyboardist when into a highway store ,you know the kind right along the highway. Well, we parked our Mercedes Bus and got out to stretch ...
(JOHN ZEWIZZ~ by Luna Tsuki)
,,,our legs, get something to eat and arrange all the Vodka and cases ov beer in the back space ov the bus. We were all out in the parking lot...causing somewhat ov a small scene. Getting back to the Keyboard player .
I saw him enter the store. Behind him waz another band..ya, band. They were right behind him and I noticed something waz up. The keyboardist had a shirt on that said "Police" on the back. I guess its suppose to look like a cop shirt..or the band "The Police".it waz not impressive either way.
The other band waz questioning him. "Are you Police ?" a sarcastic manner. and I let them play for a minute. When I walked up behind them I said.."I'm a cop"..and acted more aggressive than they were use to seeing or would test. They instantly said that they were kidding..and we should kum out to their van and meet their band. Trying to be friendly now. We did..and acted genuine when we said that they had a 'kool' VW van and asked them 'where they were playing' ..I could hardly control myself. knowing what we (SLEEPCHAMBER) were packing right over My shoulder. When they got a glimpse ov one ov the BARBITCHUETTES in a guarder-belt and rubber top. Their faces were priceless ! Az we walked over to "Our" bus & contents..they were amazed seeing the rest ov the BARBITCHUETTES and "Our ride". I gave them 2 gallons ov Stoli vodka and we left. This Band Line-Up acted like they were in high school detention through out the complete Tour.
I'm in the front seat showing the 'driver' where to go. Check out the 'body language' ov the Band ! Hahahaha...this iz the 'game' they played through-out the Tour. Look at the faces. THIS SAYS IT ALL..!!! This iz what I had to deal with. ...And Won..!!! I assisted the other band member-(guitarist) who waz being 'teased' about "Looking for a Confrontation".  Az the skinhead driver would constantly ask him. I told the skinhead "I waz looking for a Confrontation" stopped there. It waz old and he knew it. He stopped. With no appreciation the guitarist returned to hiz place on the stage to do a sound check-(head down the whole time).

Andrew Woolf had told Me that he hired a Line-Up that I would not be able to corrupt. They were Great musicians. (fresh from Berkley School ov Musick) but had no experience in traveling. Never mind setting-up every night. They seemed lost at every venue. It waz hard for Me to say that theze guys were "SLEEPCHAMBER"...They were 'clean'...but Shit...they were a Fucking 'drag' everywhere we went. And everything we did had a battle ship ov morals aimed at any and all the Fun..!! It waz a great day and it ended up with a little drama (perfect) and it waz time for romance...

         (Barbitchuette LULU in Berlin,Germany March 8th 1997)                              

I had been rehearsing with a new Line-Up ov members also put together by Andrew Woolf. (I forget their names-sorry) SLEEP CHAMBER played about 3 shows with this Line-Up.
  • There waz so much anger because this short-lived Line-Up waz not going on Tour to Germany. I did not mention it till after the 'warm-up' shows. I never told them they were going. They just assumed. Not to mention the scrapping between Me and the guitarist . We did not get along about anything. Not smart enough to get along with Me. I think he waz trying to impress Me. It just came off az arrogance and ego. There waz two shows in Boston-AXIS & MANRAY and one in NYC at "The BATCAVE".  Now I know that there haz been more than one 'BATCAVE' in NYC. This performance waz not at the 'original' location in the City. it waz at the 2nd attempt to keep this underground club alive. They were plagued with all sorts ov typical club problems.

  • PROBLEMS ...
  • I knew there waz going to be major issues with the band...that waz rehearsing with the idea that 'They' were going to be Touring with SLEEP CHAMBER in Germany.
  • Most ov the line-up ov BARBITCHUETTES had plans already in motion for the dates ov the Tour. The Line-Up I played theze 'warm-Up' shows were beyond angry when I told them I had a different Line-Up chosen by manager Andrew Woolf to Tour Germany.  One ov them claimed to be a professional Tattoo Artist. I had seen 2 different tattoo's that he had done. One waz on Andrew Woolf. I made the mistake ov getting a personal tattoo done by him-(Guitarist)...I had My current Girlfriend's-(for 1-year)- name tattooed on My upper arm in a combination ov Sandscript & Latin.  SEMIRAMIS ... ( The tattoo waz not only poorly copied but faded within 4-months).  I found out from a real pro tattoo artist..that the dummy had gone down too far in My skin. My skin had grown over the tattoo..!!  It waz that deep. I also think he took out hiz frustration on Me by taking 6 hours to do a 3-hour-(tops) tattoo. It waz more painful than usual, but I assumed it waz natural. The tattoo...looks like I had it done 40 years ago its so faded. This tattoo iz from the 80's and it looks much better than hiz done in 1997.
  • I did not have to trim down The BARBITCHUETTES.
  • A major, fully committed BARBITCHUETTE "LuLu" waz more than ready to go. LuLu had been a main producer for the BATCAVE show in NYC. Not only did she assist in the line-up ov BARBITCHUETTES for that show...LuLu also brought along another 'Dominatrix' for the German Tour. This New BARBITCHUETTE had performed at the BATCAVE like a natural. 
  • From the Video below you can see for yourself. I think that she waz a blonde for the BATCAVE show..then a Red-head for the German Tour.
  • I apologize for forgetting her name here. (Sometimes its impossible to remember all The BARBITCHUETTES names). I will update her name az soon az I can.
  • There are a few different BATCAVE videos on u-tube. There iz one by 'ERGO FELIX CULPA which contains the 'backstage footage'

  • Below iz a version ov "SALOME" featuring BARBITCHUETTE "LuLu".

The BATCAVE Show seems to be split up everywhere. I have yet to see a complete version ov the Performance. If a 'Complete' Performance iz uploaded it will be more than likely on the 


  • (above Zewizz & BARBITCHUETTE @ The Rat-Boston 94 by LUNA TSUKI)
  • yet another Video ov "Animal Magnetism" from The BATCAVE Performance haz been located. It features original BARBITCHUETTES "Summer" & "Cheryl Lynn"

  • SLEEP CHAMBER~ "Animal Magnetism"(Live @ The Batcave NYC 1995)
  • What did I just say... Well, THE COMPLETE BAT-CAVE SHOW appeared on both THE SLEEPCHAMBER VIDEO DEN and the Official SLEEPCHAMBER Channel on U-Tube ANUBUS23. 
  • This Performance iz taken from a Master tape. It contains a 'pre-Interview backstage and the complete Show. It iz so popular I found 4 versions ov it oin U-Tube. Best to support SLEEPCHAMBER by viewing this complete version...and to really support us -more than you think..iz to SUBSCRIBE to both Channels. Or at least Free and helps keep us Alive...I'm asking you to please SUBSCRIBE .. You are helping us fight the people who think SLEEPCHAMBER iz a waste ov time & iz 'Obnoxious' ... SUBSCRIBE !!             Channel LINK (below)

KAY TUE ov SLEEPCHAMBER manages and designs our 'Official U-Tube Channel'  He iz a Professional painter & designer. Az you will notice from hiz work with the Video titles & layout designs. Make no mistake. This all iz very time consuming .

  • Behind The Scenes
  • There waz little to no inhibitions between any ov the German BARBITCHUETTES. 
  • It took about a week before I had found a queen-bee to fool around with. You got to can get very boring driving for 8-12 hours to the next Venue.
  • Ov course I got instantly involved with one ov the German red-heads. Did I mention that there were 3 Red-Headed BARBITCHUETTES out ov 6 ov them ? She waz very charming and sexual. More so than say an American female.
  • Our first adventure waz when we found ourselves alone together in a hotel room.
  • The language barrier waz instantly Me at least. We found it personal to exchange interests and desires. We both wanted to fuck. It waz in her waz in her reactions to My humor. I'm sure that after awhile we both acted like we did not understand what each other wanted. Other than we both Wanted each other.
The first night together there waz 3 ov us. Me and 2 German ladies.
At one point, one ov them left while I waz out getting more Vodka from the bus.
We were all smoking hash and  had run out ov Vodka. (again). I went down to the Bus and grabbed a gallon.
Ov course, when I returned there waz only one wasted beauty laying on the bed. (with a white bra & a black skirt on)..  My 'fetish dream'...It waz obvious, the mood waz VERY romantic.
We had just finished a Performance...and it went a bit overboard...our eyes had met and during the final songs..the interaction got Hot. She had grabbed My cock through the latex pants..and rubbed it softly for longer than what iz assumed to be average. I returned the action with a reaction ov sliding My fingers up under her rubber bra....I waz HOT..!
Her nipples were hard...very hard. Through My singing I could hear her soft moans and panting. They were distracting az hell yet added to the atmosphere ov the Performance. Her hot breath on My face during "Kiss The Whip" sealed the deal. 
I waz 'in heat'...My cock waz rock hard and I knew there waz more than romance in the air..the romance waz on the stage. It waz during our next rendezvous that waz going to be uninhibited and full on.
 In the hotel room we were smoking adrenaline waz kuming down slowly. After drinking  Vodka I waz mellowing out. We both laid around in our underwear laughing and speaking our different languages.. she understood English but did not understand My sense ov humor. Which can be amusingly strange and extremely funny.
The fine line between adjusting to your adrenaline kum down and how much you drink and drug iz impossible to gauge. But iz very important. 
We started did not take long till we were both all over each other. One big mistake I made waz falling asleep while eating her out. She waz a natural red-head. Her pussy waz shaved. She had pubic hair stubble but it waz more than enjoyable. I woke up to a slap across My face. I knew instantly I had fallen asleep. I waz just so tired from the show. The slap waz not that bad.But then she asked Me "what iz My Name ?"...I had forgotten and at this moment I waz never going to remember it...on the spot. We both lusted after each other bad enough where it waz forgotten quickly. Eventually...she giggled and we fell off to sleep in white cotton sheets ....ahhhhhh...till the next time we fuck...waz all I could think ov. You know the type ov person you just can't take your hands or lips off ? She waz constantly on My mind...(distracting az hell)...but Me.
"Club Stubnitz" ROSTACK-Germany 
(March 3rd 1997)


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