Sunday, July 24, 2016


There are thousands ov SLEEPCHAMBER uploads. Hundreds ov Videos. Most are "Live". You can find most all the most popular Trax on U-Tube and VIMEO. Make no mistake, this iz not an eazy task keeping the "Official Videos", Live versions, Interviews, and Favorites available to the public. Since SLEEPCHAMBER had started in 1982 We have been historically documenting our events, sessions (radio & studio),Interviews and performances.
SLEEPCHAMBER iz not a Band that iz interested in anything but the concepts ov Eroticka,Individuality, Magick and what iz personally on My mind at the time....
I waz always conscious ov filming what we were doing at the time for later reference or release . Most Bands do not get this thought till after something great haz happened.I have always been interested in Musick and Film since the beginning ov SLEEPCHAMBER. Now over the years (about 34) I have collected hundreds ov Live shows. Most filmed with multi camera angels. So you may sometimes see the same song from a different angel.
Most Live videos are single camera angels.Now usually this gets boring with common Bands. But I think since there iz enough entertainment going on stage with SLEEPCHAMBER especially with THE BARBITCHUETTES that a single camera angel iz enough. The multi camera angels are a treat. There are a few pro shot videos that show the performance in great detail. 
There iz always someone bitching about the network U-Tube not providing the right amount ov 'views' or that they play with the numbers ov views. I have had my Channels deleted completely from U-Tube 3-times. Eventually being kicked off U-Tube and "Banned from using Google product". So most ov the SLEEPCHAMBER and other artists uploaded now on U-Tube are on their 4th upload. That iz why you see such small "Views". 
In response I have given permission for SLEEPCHAMBER supporters to upload their own videos ov shows, Interviews,favorite trax,and whatever they want on SLEEPCHAMBER. I have provided Links to our sanctioned Channels. I only request that if you upload our Musick that you provide az much info az possible on that upload. Remember I have sacrificed the possibility ov now selling Musick that iz now offered Free on the Internet.
If you do not have information on the upload please contact Me or the SLEEPCHAMBER facebook page for any information needed on the upload. We will provide az much az we can. Again, the upload iz not only because You like the track. It iz because their iz a history on all SLEEPCHAMBER Musick and it iz requested for all to be informed on our efforts in the creation ov SLEEPCHAMBER Musick .


This iz an "Official Channel". In other words it iz either run by Me or haz full permission to be designed and managed by an official rep with My Permission. Theze tend to be the 'best' uploads.



                    ANUBUS 23 CHANNEL                          

This iz one ov the Newer Official Channels on U-Tube. It iz uploaded with the more popular Live material including for the first time COMPLETE SHOWS.

This Channel also contains some ov the early "Official Videos" from SUBMIT TO DESIRE, SIRKLE ZERO" and SEXMAGICK RITUAL. It contains raw footage and video promos from different releases. Many thanx to KAY TUE for managing this Great Channel



Now since I waz kicked off U-Tube 3 years ago I have not added anything to this Channel. You can find many early videos and early Live material.

This iz an "Official Channel" also. It tends to have Videos and Musick uploads.

                                       THE OFFICIAL SLEEPCHAMBER FAN PAGE                                      

This Channel iz managed by "Official" fans & followers ov SLEEPCHAMBER. Our UK law man in Washington DC. It contains a vast collection ov Live,New and Rare material.

WOMEN OF THE SS (Official Private) CHANNEL

This Channel iz small az to its uploads. This iz because many ov the WOMEN OF THE SS videos are not allowed on any network. I do not want to take any chances with the VIMEO Network az I have had 2 Complete deletions ov the Channel along with the SLEEPCHAMBER VIDEO DEN. After 2 years ov uploading 276 videos they Deleted on the reason ov being "TOO SEXUALLY STIMULATING".
Plus I do want something to package and offer our followers


This Official Channel contains mostly Live BARBITCHUETTE footage. It also contains a few early films,a Vagina Piercing all featuring The 

All Fantastick "Live" pictures by LUNA TSUKI .I hope that you will continue to support our Musick by viewing it. I know its power in your fingers to "LIKE" something. I understand that you have to join VIMEO to "LIKE" something so instead go to U-Tube and "Thumbs Up" the videos you like,and for Shits sake leave a 'Comment" even if its silly...I do not see all comments on U-Tube because they are run by other supporters and I may see something if the video kums into my attention,but others see the "Comments" ov support and Love.
Thank You all for your support,letters,gifts and comments over the years. The important ones have reached Me.

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