Saturday, July 23, 2016

SLEEPCHAMBER ~ Current Update Status 2016

                                                  JOHN ZEWIZZ~ "Fever" (Remix)

                                         SLEEPCHAMBER~ "Bang Bang" (demo)
SLEEPCHAMBER ~ Current Update Status 2016

The Latest SLEEPCHAMBER Line-Up haz Disbanded in 2016. Leaving the Band iz Gimme"Sparks. Tick & Bob Avakian have decided to work behind the scenes az programmers and assisting in Drum Programs. Plans to Tour Tel Aviv ISRAEL,..Germany, Sweden, and Poland are in current kaos. I have been scanning new members but everyone over 40 iz a major disappointment. Fear ov the kaos over there haz brought on inhibitions ov Security problems.
I am currently working with Bob Avakian, Kay Tue, & Brian Hughes finishing up my Solo CD "SEXUALLY TOO STIMULATING" (more on that later). The last Trax Rekorded for a SLEEPCHAMBER CD are not enough for a complete Release. Titles Rekorded but not Produced include BANG BANG, ENCHANTMENT, THEY KILLED A PRINCESS, APOCALYPSE NOW, FEAR, and FICTION ROMANCE.   Although there are Drum Programs with stray Guitar riffs and Vocal References there are no Titles or complete Lyrics . My Solo CD iz more complete and will probably be released at the end ov August. Trax will include the major PEGGY LEE cover ov "FEVER" (many mixes) one includes a female harmony/backing  vocal. Other trax include BANG BANG-(same song az above), CATFIGHT-(long & short versions), HONEYDEW HEBREW, I SLEEP IN YOUR DREAMS, BLOOD LUST, and other Sexually Stimulating titles. That there are a few Instrumentals that fall into the style ov dark  and electronic iz about all I can describe about them at this time. There iz also a Video in production for one ov the Songs. You will have to wait on that...I can say this will be controversial to some, and enjoyable to the supporters who follow us.   I must Apologize for not having an "official SLEEPCHAMBER site. Problems with people who want to design it themselves without my direction haz been a major issue along with WEBS.COM freezing My Site for having so called "Fetish Sites" (VIMEO Link) ..and 'Obscene' Videos ("SUBMIT TO DESIRE", etc) while they leave the fingernail up and put up full ads under them. This major company haz pulled every trick in the book on Me .. I cannot believe that they are the biggest ov all the Web Site hosts out there.   I have been checking out 'other' sites to make sure I do not invest in one that I'm going to go through similar stunts with. Some suggest that I use the 'Porn" networking system. That iz a complete insult to Me. I should not have to deal with Censorship to display My Concept ov Eroticka.    Now az you can see that even after 35 years ov SLEEPCHAMBER I am still dealing with the same old problems. I'm sure it will not be long though before SLEEPCHAMBER  and its vast Empire ov Musick and Historical Documentation will find a Home that We all can feel free relaxing at. Right ??  With all the duties and work that kums with keeping the SLEEPCHAMBER concept alive...I can not do it all. And its at that point now. So, I am searching for competent people who might assist Me in establishing a good Web-Site-Home along with the managing ov this Site. Your rewards would be complete credit for all work, designs, management and acknowledged az a member ov our staff.
Other information worthy ov mentioning iz the 2 day interview I did with a married couple who asked Me in detail every question you would possibly want to know about SLEEPCHAMBER.   From the Beginning, to early days in TOPY, to JONATHAN BRILEY's history in SC, to MALCOLM SMITH's DOKUMENT PROJEKT, not to mention 10 years ov THE BARBITCHUETTES, The SCOPOLAMINE unreleased CD, details ov My Sex Life and what Secrets I use in My Sexual encounters, Aphrodisiacs, Drug Addiction, the loss ov Laura Graff and "Silvermoon", the earlier Record labels, the Assault on My Life, and lastly Being 60 and still very active.   To say the least I feel like the history ov My Life haz been explained in case I die.  I am in perfect shape and health, do not plan on killing Myself , so if I do will not be for those reasons.
Where from here ... ?  there iz talk that the current line-up may do a TV Broadcast ov all the new songs. This iz in such a 'maybe stage' that it could happen tomorrow or not at all. It may be reduced to an FM Broadcast at the least. Still, I will have that filmed for Promotional upload to support any Shows that we play in Europe.  Lastly, I would like to thank all our supporters through out the years. Az most ov you have seen the same az I have that SLEEPCHAMBER and Myself  are left off many so called "Industrial" articles, web mentions, blogs,etc.  What can I say ? ...Many ov you know that we were one ov the early original Industrial muscle bands. I had always had the intention to stay obscure and do what I wanted. This cost SLEEPCHAMBER deals with RCA and other major labels. There have been independent labels that have believed in us and supported us greatly. I thank you for that now personally .
A Threat iz a Promise ... and I Promise you that I will continue to do my concept ov Musick till the End.
JOHN ZEWIZZ 7/23/16  

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  1. Your dedication and tenacity are inspiring. Pursue your vision without relent.